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  1. TA Announcements

    Oh Joy! after only 16 months of ownership last week I heard my very first TA announcement. The fact that I was near Nottingham and the announcement concerned Stoke on Trent didn't stop the feeling of happiness that the TA had started to work. However haven't heard a peep of one since then. Has anyone got the TA working. This is basic stuff that has been working for years how come the R link can't do this very simple thing?

    As said the speedo is changed over in the r link menu. The handbook states that you can change the lights to continental by the turn of a screw but I have looked and whats described in the handbook bears no relation as far as I can see to whats under the bonnet if you go to your friendly dealer the mechanic may be able to point the adjuster out.
  3. Rear Fog Light Replacement

    This is what it says in the manual.... Rear fog lights 7. The front bumper needs to be removed; consult an authorised dealer. Bulb type: P21W. Something lost in translation I think...
  4. Don't know how or why but after several weeks of no speed camera's today they worked as normal. Perhaps I should scream abuse and threats at it more often. Many thanks for all the suggestions. I don't know why the dealer didn't try the factory reset (something I should have tried before taking it to the dealer) although from the state of the mechanic that came out to tell me they couldn't fix it he may have been the cleaner for all the knowledge he had of the system. .
  5. All of a sudden my speed camera alerts have vanished from the sat nav. I still get the round speed limit signs in the dash and satnav but no camera warning of any sort . I think this has been happening since I had to have a new battery. I have visited the dealer this morning and they have no idea. They didn't even seem to be aware that speed camera warnings came up. any ideas how to get them back please. I have tried a reset without any result.
  6. Total Battery failure

    That explains why the gearstick wouldn't move. As you say the little button had to be pressed to unlock it. lack of electrical power probably caused the parking brake to lock on as well. Anyway its all sorted now and back to normal.
  7. I started the car as normal, no indications of anything other than normal. Drove about a mile came to the end of a queue for traffic lights. The stop start kicked in as normal. Traffic moved off I tried to but it didn't start. Turned ignition off and then back on still didn't start. knocked it into neutral (its an automatic) and let it roll out of the way and up onto the footpath. Put my foot on the brake. stopped, the handbrake light came on all other dashboard lights went off and just left the handbrake light flashing away. The gearstick locked and I could not disengage the handbrake. Eventually the RAC came and after a bit of work found the battery had failed dismally as it was only showing 8.5 volts. He managed to get it started. I drove to my dealer, Bristol Street Renault in Derby who I must say did a magnificent job. I had a hospital appointment. They lent me a car to go to the appointment and a couple of hours later when I returned they had diagnosed the fault (which was just a faulty battery) replaced the battery and all was well. I was a bit concerned about the gearstick locking and the brakes locking on. The dealer couldn't offer any explanation as they hadn't come across it before. The car is only 7 months old and has done 9000 miles.
  8. is the Nav on R-Link so bad

    I also have no great problems except with the average speed camera warnings. Most of which are out of date as it warns me when the cameras are long gone. I also get a warning when there are cameras but it doesn't seem to recognise when they finish and it drones on and on telling me to 'reduce your speed'.
  9. Thanks for the info, worked a treat..
  10. Thanks for the info will give it a go tomorrow.
  11. Hi, Mine is a 1.5 with the auto box. Had a small problem at the car wash today, this is the first car I have had with the electronic parking brake. At the car wash I lined up with the carrier system that takes you though our car wash (the car is pulled along by a grid under the wheels) I put the car in neutral and turned off the engine and the parking brake came on and I could not get it to turn off. In the end I had to start the engine and blip the throttle to get it to go off and then had to leave the engine running with the gear lever in neutral to keep it off. After the car wash I parked up and tried all sorts of combinations but was unable to release the parking brake once the engine had been switched off. Is this normal for this type of brake or is there some technique that I am unaware of, I haven't been able to find anything in the handbook.
  12. fuel economy question

    I've just done a run to Cornwall and back and with a bit of running around it was a round trip of 600 miles. Filled the tank when I left Derby and refilled when I got back with the computer saying I had 155 miles left to go before empty. It is a new vehicle I had 750 miles on the clock when I left Derby. Computer indicated 62.5 average on the run down (A38 - M42 -M5 - A38) and on the way back indicated average of 63.2. On checking the amount put in the tank on return true mpg was 62.5. I was at or close to the speed limit for most of the journey, although there is a lot of 50mph limits on the M5. Vehicle is dynamique nav auto. I was not impressed with the sat nav which insisted that we slow down for non existent road works although the route it chose was fine.
  13. How to switch alarm off?

    I found a little card and a booklet regarding the alarm amongst the paperwork. I have attached it as a pdf file as you will need to enlarge it to read how to do it. No mention is made of using the key fob to disarm various functions. Correction, I have just found it, its under partial activation on one of the cards. My car is one of the newer ones so the system may be different. Scan.pdf
  14. I have one of the newer ones and the windows front and back, clear as normal with the up and down motion.
  15. auto dip only works if you have the lights switch in auto, if you turn the switch away from auto and to the headlights position you can have main beam by just pushing the switch forward and then back to dip. Hope this helps.