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  1. The new place to post images of your Kadjar, you can share either a simple snapshot or get creative. Don't forget to partly or fully blank out any number plate shots or simply try and avoid that angle for your own security. Look forward to seeing those pics...
  2. It's only a theoretical question because as of yet we believe renault have no plans to introduce a kadjar rs, but the Hungarian photoshop master X-Tomi Design was the first to give the all-newRenault Kadjar SUV an RS body kit, and the end result looks surprisingly good. The virtual tuning by designer included the addition of larger wheels, more aggressive bumpers and body-colored elements. X-Tomi also made the Kadjar RS sit closer to the ground. I have to admit that a Renault Kadjar RS would look better than many existing hot crossovers, but would you buy one?
  3. Kadjar Take Two... Awesome!

    Great News enjoy the new kadjar
  4. Renault today confirmed its new mid-sized crossover would be called the Kadjar. It's the French firm's version of sister brand Nissan's Qashqai, one of the most successful new model launches in the past decade. Paris says this is its first C-segment SUV, neatly airbrushing the unsuccessful Koleos of 2008from company records. Expect to see the Renault Kadjar on sale by the end of 2015, slotting above the Captur junior SUV.
  5. Not much to these ears. It’s a sign that most normal-sounding names have been trademarked and manufacturers are increasingly having to invent words that work globally and chime with their brand values. No easy task… Perhaps it’s best if we let Renault explain its thinking behind the new badge. ‘The name Kadjar is built around Kad and Jar,’ says today’s statement. ‘Kad is inspired by "quad" – representing a go-anywhere four-wheeled vehicle and Jar recalls the French words "agile" and "jaillir," representing agility and suddenly emerging from somewhere. ‘The sound and spelling of the name have an exotic feel which suggests adventure and discovering new horizons. The initial letter ‘K’ is indicative of the model’s robustness and the Kadjar fits seamlessly with Renault’s existing B-segment crossover – Captur.’ So that’s cleared that one up.
  6. As the brand continues its offensive on the crossover market, Renault is pleased to present the KADJAR, its first C-segment crossover KADJAR is to be revealed via a social media campaign A new name for a new crossover The name KADJAR is built around KAD- and -JAR. KAD- is inspired by ‘quad’ – representing a go-anywhere four-wheeled vehicle and -JAR recalls the French words ‘agile’ and ‘jaillir’ representing agility and suddenly emerging from somewhere. The sound and spelling of the name have an exotic feel which suggests adventure and discovering new horizons. The initial letter ‘K’ is indicative of the model’s robustness and the KADJAR fits seamlessly with Renault’s existing B-segment crossover – Captur.
  7. Renault have released details of the new Grand Scenic: http://motorforums.co.uk/blog/2016/05/24/new-renault-grand-scenic-the-details-have-been-released/
  8. What’s the 2015 Renault Kadjar like inside? The Kadjar represents a huge step forward in terms of perceived interior quality for Renault. The switchgear is well damped, looks good and is straightforward to use, while most of the dashboard finish is soft-touch and nicely textured (although entry-level models that don’t get a leather steering wheel are unlikely to impress so much). The broad driver’s seat is also comfortable, and there’s plenty of head and legroom even for very lanky drivers, although those who go for top-spec Signature trim with its electric adjustability might wish the seat could drop a bit lower. The colour touchscreen, which comes as standard with sat-nav on all but entry-level Expression+ trim, gets USB input, Bluetooth and digital radio across the range. However, it is a bit of a faff to use at times (particularly for more advanced settings) but it is easy to see and responds fairly quickly. There’s loads of room in the back, too, and the outer seats are very comfortable, although the panoramic roof that you get on top-spec models does cut into available headroom enough that it might bother very long-bodied passengers. A middle passenger will find the raised floor and flat seat base a bit uncomfortable, too. The boot is a good size, and at 472 litres actually betters the Qashqai by 42 litres, although it's a shame that you have to go for pricey Dynamique S to get the adjustable boot floor that irons out the step in the load bay that the seats leave when folded. A high boot lip might make loading heavy items quite a chore, as well. - See more at: http://www.whatcar.com/car-news/renault/kadjar/2015-renault-kadjar-review/1349945#sthash.fIh2pc0F.dpuf
  9. What is it?: ‘'Blimey, that’s a massive Renault badge, and what the heck is the name all about?'’ are likely to be the first things to cross your mind when you see the new Renault Kadjar. If you really want to know, the name is actually a messy chopping and merging of the words quad and jaillir, which means ‘to emerge quickly’ in French. Nope, we’re none the wiser, either, but once you’ve got over the weird name (and everybody got over Qashqai eventually), the Kadjar has lots of promise. Based on the same platform as the Qashqai, the Kadjar is available with a 129bhp 1.2-litre turbocharged petrol, a 109bhp 1.5-litre diesel or a 128bhp 1.6-litre diesel, the latter of which can be had with four-wheel drive. Read More: http://www.autocar.co.uk/car-review/renault/kadjar/first-drives/2015-renault-kadjar-16-dci-130-4wd-review?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter
  10. MG GS......hhhhmmm...bit wierd

    It has been officially unveiled by MG http://motorforums.co.uk/blog/2016/05/05/london-motor-show-witnesses-the-inveiling-of-the-new-mg-gs/ a bit ugly IMO and more than a bit like the rumoured Alfa Romeo Stelvio SUV that is expected in the coming years.
  11. The WHEELER DEALERS are back as experienced car dealer, Mike Brewer, and multi-talented mechanic, Edd China, return with the 13th series and eight more classic cars with a mix of British, European and American marques. Mike and Edd may have set up their workshop in sunny California, but their love of classics remains universal. Mike navigates the surrounding states in search of cars with money-making potential, bringing them back to Edd for him to work his mechanical magic to restore the cars into profit making machines. In the new series, the boys get eco-friendly with the original ‘Econobox’, a 1977 Honda CVCC; rescue a neglected and extremely rusty 1965 Land Rover Series 2a; get aircooled California style in a 60s Corvair, and put the zip back into the performance of an 80s icon, the 1988 Ford Mustang 5.0. Read The Full Story: http://motorforums.co.uk/blog/2016/05/05/all-new-wheeler-dealers-premiere-in-the-uk-season-13-starts-monday-9th-may-9pm-on-discovery-channel/
  12. Just bit of fun, CarKeys.co.uk sent us this quiz through and I thought I'd share it with you guys and girls, let us know what result you came up with...
  13. !st April Price Hike

    Renault will have to be careful with their pricing though, especially with the new SEAT Ateca coming later in the year and that has been confirmed with a starting price of £17,990 http://seatsuvforums.com/topic/417-seat-ateca-full-uk-spec/#comment-438
  14. Keycard

    Sorry if I have offended Manns, I was actually referring to the materials used, not the actual finished products, leather is usually regarded as of a 'higher quality' than vinyl as far as I am aware but as you have proven members are extremely happy with their purchases from you, so all's good My fault I should have explained better in my post, I also take your point about the other thread, I will address that too but surely you want to keep it friendly anyway otherwise all selling on the forum would just end up being banned as it is on most forums. Andy
  15. Keycard

    Please keep it friendly regarding the key card holders, both members are equally free to sell them here on the forum (Even though many forums would not allow it) mainly because they are required for the kadjar key cards, There is a market for both, as with everything in life some people prefer lower prices and some prefer higher quality, each to their own. BoxerDog has been in touch and is getting some information together along with some pictures and I will be allowing both members to advertise them alongside each other with no favouritism, that said I believe Renault do visit the RKF from time to time and if they raise an issue with the logo use we may have to revisit this. I will also shortly be moving these threads to a new dedicated marketplace area where members will be able to make their choices from the available items. Cheers, Andy
  16. Kadjar Sighting Game

    let me know guys if you would like me to set you up a regional forum area, could be a good way to ensure nobody gets missed in future
  17. Forum spammed with adverts?

    Alan, I think the original post was regarding post spam, ie bots that trawl the internet attempting to post on all websites, usually advertising viagra, or muscle products, these are of no use to anybody and are dealt with as quickly as is humanly possible. With regards to your other points, I am very happy to address your concerns however, 21 Social Network Requests: I have linked in the forum to both our twitter and facebook accounts with many users on here using that method of staying in touch, including I must say Renault Retail, who contacted me via twitter hopefully to help a member of the forum out with a problem, hopefully they will do this more and more over time. 6 Web Analytics: Almost every website adds analytics to their pages, this allows google to gather details of which parts of the website are popular, so we can tailor the site to users demands, absoloutely no personal data is recorded though, merely which town a visitor is from, and which parts of the site a user visits, see our http://renaultkadjarforum.co.uk/privacypolicy/ regarding this. 16 Ad Agency Requests: This does not mean there are 16 adverts on a page, this merely is down to the way that Google checks we are not showing more than three ads per page in line with their publishers policy, they check all aspects of a page to ensure this, if I could also add, I do not and will never ad pop up ads as they are a particular bug bear of mine, or those horrible spurious magazine headlines that seem to be loads of sites at the moment, although you will find them on a lot of the most visited automotive sites from time to time. I also try to not make the ads too intrusive. 'All Ads Are Spam' Obviously this is down to each individuals opinion, they do however help to contribute to the upkeep of the site and improvements, including larger hosting plans and servers as the site continues to gain in popularity, that said if you would like me to create a paid membership tier for members that could remove all ads, as with anything to do with the site, just let me know, I was however trying to avoid any type of paid membership though, so the forum remains free for anybody and everybody with a genuine interest to use it. I would also like to add with regards to this subject that the internet has hundreds of thousands of superb articles and references on nearly every subject that people have taken the time in some cases weeks to put together and you and I can visit and read them for free, I personally think they are deserved of a penny or two (literally) for what they would recieve for showing me an Ad upon my visit, that again includes all the a lot of the online car magazines that I know of, unless of course again you pay a subscription fee. Personally I haven't utilised that area of internet security as is isn't a 'security' threat and I wouldn't like to see the end of all those magazine type sites, probably because I'm a saddo and love reading them for free, not too sure if they would be still around in a few years if they recieved no ad income though. I'd love to hear members feedback on this, regarding any of the points as obviously the site is nothing without you all and I am always striving to make it better all the time. Andy
  18. Forum spammed with adverts?

    my thoughts for the moment Alan, I try to get on the forum every few hours and reported posts come through to my mobile email anyway so I can always get them removed fairly quickly, I also have good spam management software active that catches 99% of it, so I do everything I can but any help from you guys and girls by reporting spam helps me out. Thanks Andy
  19. Forum spammed with adverts?

    Hi Jim, Unfortunately a constant problem with any forum in fact any site that accepts user comments, I clean them up as soon as reported, I have removed the one reported post, I can't find any more, am I missing one? Please PM me or report it ASAP and I can remove it. PS I am considering making members first post be a moderated one when first signing up but am in two minds as don't want to slow peoples enthusiasm when joining, be good to hear members thoughts on this please Andy
  20. Latest version of R-Link

    It appears Renault are listening, Hayley from Renault Retail UK has been in touch, if you DM me your name, reg number and contact telephone number, I will pass it on and she will get in touch with you regarding this. Andy
  21. My Car is ready

    I think I have increased members attachments limits, please try again and let me know if you have any further problems Andy
  22. Feeling The Love On Valentines Weekend

    No worries, it was intended for fun and a discussion from the outcomes, so happy days
  23. Feeling The Love On Valentines Weekend

    Mine was the Honda Type 'R' BTW, not a vehicle I've ever thought about but maybe I should
  24. Colour shading

    All paints especially metallics and pearlescants will sit differently on plastics and other non metal surfaces and probably are painted seperately and I think that manufacturers do try and work within certain tolerances but to my knowledge there are no guidelines they have to work towards. You will probably find as you look around that base colours usually match better when new but deteriorate due to natural UV rays at a quicker rate and a non metallic surface ie one without a laquered surface will usually be a lesser match after say 5 or 6 years and this affects all manufacturers to a more or lesser extent. The worst colour difference between body panels and plastics I remember seeing was the Audi A4 and A6 circa 2002 - 2010 they actually looked like different colours especially on the light blue metallic that they did. hope that helps shed a little light from my limited knowledge
  25. Info: The previous 21 posts in this thread have nothing to do with, or even refer to a faulty alarm, yes including mine so that's a rap on the wrist for me also. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk