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    Official Renault Kadjar PDF's

    Various fitting guides for the Kadjar. EasyFlex container fitting instructions for Kadjar .pdf Door sill Kadjar.pdf Boot container fitting instructions for Kadjar .pdf User Manual Alarm Kadjar.pdf User manual - Autofolding mirrors KADJAR.pdf Rear mudguard.pdf Trunk net floor fitting instructions for Kadjar .pdf Mounting Notice Rear Park assist - KADJAR .pdf Enlightened door sill Kadjar .pdf Fitting instruction for 7 ways swan neck tow bar harness .pdf Fitting instructions for Kadjar retractable tow-bar .pdf Fitting instructions for Kadjar swan-neck tow-bar .pdf Fitting Instructions Trunk net (vertical) for Kadjar .pdf fitting manual for RHD alarm KADJAR .pdf Front mudguard.pdf Kadjar Auto Folding Mirrors.pdf Kadjar Crossbar.pdf Kadjar illuminated side bars.pdf Kadjar illuminated Sill Plates.pdf kadjar Reversing Camera.pdf Kadjar Tow Bar.pdf Load Carrier.pdf Mounting manual - Shark Fin Antenna - KADJAR .pdf Mounting manual Front Parking Aids KADJAR.pdf Mounting notice - Auto-folding mirror harness KADJAR.pdf Mounting notice Dog grid KADJAR .pdf Mounting Notice Harness Towbar 13p Retractable - Kadjar .pdf Mounting notice Harness towbar 13p Swan neck - Kadjar .pdf
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    Whats it all about

    RLink, satnav,DAB radio.Traffic News,Speed Camera warnings.Tyre Pressure warnings,Lane Departure Warnings, and warning about warnings lol. There is also somewhere buried in the depths a warning about dangerous areas, what is that all about, Me I use the satnav only when I get to the town or City I am going too,then turn it on to find the actual address I want, I dont care if it sends me and a circular trip around the area I dont know, I know the satnav will get me there in the end. Job done. How did we manage to drive cars before all this junk was available to us, an AtoZ in the glove box, check tyres for pressure before a long trip, always check the speed limit on the roadside signs, not waiting for an automated warning to tell us "Speed Camera ahead" "Reduce your speed" Seems like we cannot drive like we used too, using our common sense and experience to get from a to b. Perhaps it's me...................... but I am sure there are many like me here who when they took their test it involved doing hand signals and answering a few question from The Highway Code.My Grandkids think I am a trendy Grandad, why .................because I have an Apple phone and Ipad, the Apple Iphone4 does things I have no idea what they are, I use it to make 2 calls a day 1st call the tell my Daughter the kids went into school ok, and 2nd to tell her I have picked them up okay. The ipod is puzzling but I am getting there.... But I think I have mastered the RLink because it gives me no problems and on those occasions I use the satnav it seems to be working okay. I got my car to drive from a to b, all the gadgets are an extra.
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    This is whats happening

    one week in and the vote was pitiful, its as if no one was bothered, well thats ok it was still democratic. I have now resigned as your moderator and taken the position of admin on the new site effective immediately . i am moving to https://renaultkadjarforum.com/ and i recommend you do the same. the core membership on this site are the best i have known on any forum, they are helpful and tolerant and i would welcome you to the new site to continue to give your advice, whether you own a Kadjar or not. I want to thank you for your understanding over the least few months i might not have answered as quickly as i would have liked but i have done my best, working with one hand behind my back. so they say one door closes and another opens, well lets all open the door on the new site and i await to welcome you there. Shedder 101
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    This whole thing is out of hand

    many thanks for your PM but as i have explained many times i want the membership to decide the sites out come. i am getting stick from all sides, i am trying to keep this forum running and with no admin its a dam hard job. i understand your concerns about whats happening could come and bite me on the bum, why would it? left and right i get mail this isnt right, that dont work, why can't you do this ? and i try to explain why and some members are still not satisfied. you have said it yourself the forum is virtually unusable right now, why, can't it be used as normal, it can, nothing stopping people starting topics it just looks like its all being taken up by debates on the move. i have tried to make it a simple as possible, as it is two members have offered to host the new site, this would be easier if there was just one but that's how it is. nowthen, all you have to do is vote, for the choice of moving or not, for the site you like the best, and a new name for the forum. after you have voted forget it, when the votes closed i will tell you who won. if motormouth comes back on i will be making my thoughts very clear. the bottom line is this. i am willing to walk away now i really don't need this shit, the site can look after itself and be closed down next year if it lasts that long. if you want me to delete all the posts regarding the move and me to walk away keep this up Shedder101
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    R-link 2

    Dear Kadjar Users, You can find the latest firmware here: https://www.renault-multimedia.com/gbr_EN/r-link2/upgrade You can type your VIN number to check and it is good you can download new firmware: Regards, fkovacs213
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    Auto window closer when locking

    Here is a brief PDF guide i made for installing the auto window closer loom and relay for anybody who would like to have this feature. As a few of you may have found out if you leave your windows open a crack your alarm will probably go off in the night. Also once you open the door the power to windows is cut and you have to press the start button again to close the windows which is a bit of a pain. This auto closer takes forgetfulness out of the equation by closing the windows for you when you lock the car. Pressing the lock button on the door or fob will fold the mirrors in (if you have auto mirrors) and the shut the windows one by one in sequence if any have been left open. This kit is available from Aliexpress..https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Free-shipping-Car-Auto-Power-Window-Closer-Closing-Open-Remote-Control-For-Renault-Kadjar/32794965557.html Credit goes to Buder for finding this useful item...cheers buddy. auto_window_closer forum guide.pdf Auto window closer.mp4
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    Relieved new owner.

    Hi all, Had my new Dynamiqe Nav 1.5d auto (black) for just over a week now. It's a company car and was ordered about 4 months ago, with parking sensors (company insist on this) and the convenience pack as extras. I've been following this forum since I ordered the car and must admit was a little apprehensive about whether I had made the right choice? As, there does seem to be more negative opinions than positive? However, so far so good, no issues with anything. Was very concerned about the sat nav, as I use this a lot, but so far it's been very reliable. Mine does have the car play/android auto, but not used it yet, prefer to use 'in built' sat nav. Very happy with my choice, it's a real pleasure to drive.......
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    Starting a topic Please read this!

    Members Just a note on creating a new topic. When starting a new topic, please think about the title. Search engines rely on the title to help them direct people to the site. An example of this Current title “Oh no help pls “this could be anything, in fact it is a very good topic, regarding windscreen seal problems. A better title could be Windscreen seal problems help pls, Please give your topic title some thought Shedder101 Moderator
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    I am terrified!!!

    Don't joke with this!! In Heaven: the cooks are French, the policemen are English, the mechanics are German, the lovers are Italian and the bankers are Swiss. In Hell: the cooks are English, the policemen are German, the mechanics are French, the lovers are Swiss and the bankers are Italian.... An autonomous French car will be like Godzilla on streets!!! I sent Renault an e-mail:" Stick with baguettes please!!!"
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    no the site is still here, this is what's happening i have decided the problem here is choice some of the members can't decide a simple concept of voting, looking at the view rate to votes, well it doesn't take a genius to see that. so i am deleting my posts the vote, the domain choice everything. the two members have registered their domains and are building the sites they wish to offer. members will be able to choose the site they want from what's on offer. when they are completed this will be up for 1 week after that, i will stop modorating this site, I will be moving to the new site and invite everyone to come with me. i invite all members to copy the topics they feel are the most important and paste them to the new site. crap posts will be deleted i have copies of all the pdf and links to video files and will be posting those to the site, so its the members images that need to be moved. i will put links to the new site around the old one so people will know where we have gone i will send MM my resignation and that will be my job done here. I have been offered an Admin post on the new site, this i am considering at the moment. this site might keep ticking along until the fees are due or it will crash. without moderation this could be sooner rather than later. I have done my best to keep this site going and its the best option i can offer. i would like to thank you for the support you have given me over the time I have been Moderator. Shedder101
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    Members Debate the Move

    Hi Ulfire basically your right, admin needs to do the updates and admin stuff on the site, this isnt being done and the site is getting problems, especially at logon. where this site is sitting they charge over £130 a year to host it, remember when it went down? somebody paid and it was back up. i believe MM get revenue to pay this from the adverts on the site. so no MM = closed site march next year if it lasts that long before it crashes. as members i have put together a solution that will keep the site going, but i am not making the decision, you all are i will work with the people to get the site moved, you guys transfer over your quality information, we can all go on abusing everyone lol have you seen one of the offerings we have had? Here its just an open page and is very raw but is what we are looking at
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    R-link 2

    Dear Kadjar Users, You can find the latest firmware here: https://www.renault-multimedia.com/gbr_EN/r-link2/upgrade You can type your VIN number to check and it is good you can download new firmware: Regards, fkovacs213
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    Day time running light settings

    Agree or disagree this really is not the place to discuss Brexit.
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    Reasons to get a new Kadjar

    I got my Sig S Nav back in November and have already done around 8k miles. Do I like it - yes. I have been an avid reader of this forum since before I got the car; I have found the answer for many things by scouting around and was therefore familiar to the K's quirks and foibles in advance of its delivery. Why did I get a Kadjar? Well it's a company car; one in a very long line of company cars over 30 years with the same company. This list includes Audi A4, Ford Mondeo, Volvo S60, Vauxhall Insignia, Renault Laguna, and over the last 6 years a BMW 3 series tourer, and a BMW 1 series. So it's fair to say I have a reasonably broad experience of some mainstream cars and driven all of them over 70k miles. So, why did I come out of my last car, the BMW 1 series and opt for the Renault Kadjar when I could have had another BMW 1 or even another BMW 3 series. Simple - I fancied a change and liked the look of the Kadjar. So what do I think of it so far? Very good, and I like it a lot. What do my family think of it; they like it to - except my youngest daughter who is a badge snob and cannot believe I didn't get another BMW. We have been on holiday twice in it, and the luggage for 4 fits comfortably into the boot and the sliding cover still pulls back into place; that is important for me as I like to keep good visibility from the rear view mirror. I have driven it in torrential rain, medium snow, thick ice and it performs well; certainly better than the BM's in the snow! The higher driving position gives excellent visibility compared with all the other cars mentioned. I really like the look of the car (in grey) even though some others don't; do I care about that - not in the slightest. So now to the inside of the car. You surely wouldn't expect it to be as good as some of the other cars mentioned above - and it isn't. But it really isn't bad at all. So far no squeaks or rattles, everything works as it is supposed to. The panoramic roof is excellent and keeps the car feeling airy and light - other cars I travel in now feel claustrophobic and dark. The leather heated seats are as good as I have had on other cars. The LED headlamps are great, as is the auto high/low beam feature - I love this feature but know and accept others don't. So now to the radio/R Link subject. Guess what - I like this to. Yes perhaps it is a little clunky compared to a BMW or Audi system and slightly slow to react at times but l find the actual navigation better than the BMW and better for updating traffic on route. The sound is great, again better than the BM's and the Audi and in fact all the others - this is important as I spend hours in the car. It has on a couple of occasions 'frozen' and touching the screen will not wake it up; my solution is press the 'home' button, wait 30 seconds and then it is all fine again. Do I find this a bit annoying - no not really as all the other things I have mentioned are far more important to me. I updated the maps using the excellent info posted on this forum and although a little clumsy it all worked as it should have. So there you have it; all my reasons for liking my Kadjar. I chose it to drive something a little different and will have to drive it for the next 3 years until I can choose something different again. I've realised I haven't actually mentioned one negative point and that cannot be right so here it is. I wish the windows would close after leaving the car, either automatically or by pressing a button on the keycard. That is a function which I certainly do miss, but as humans have a tendency to do I'm learning fast and mostly remember to close them before exiting. Mostly.
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    Great end to the year.

    Half the people participating in this forum appear to be easteren europeans, including me. There's no need to be politically correct, just don't blame the origins of an idiot. The fact he was born in EE doesn't mean we are all idiots, just as not all the islanders are Ainstains, right?
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    Merry Christmas to all Members

    Hi All I want to take this opportunity, before silly season takes full hold, to wish all members old and new a very merry, pain free Christmas. this year has seen a marked improvement on new members and I hope everyone has found the information useful. All the best from shedder101
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    I am terrified!!!

    At 2017 Frankfurt International Motor Show Renault announced Renault Symbioz, "an autonomous car" which drives itself. I guess it uses the newest Renault maps from 06.2016. Renault is asking all pedestrians and cars to remain their positions as they were recorded in 13.06.2016 at exactly 4:34 PM. Knowing how good are Renault's "current and upcoming connected customization" and the news that they will have the same partnership with LG and TomTom I just don't want to live in a world in which a Renault car will be on the streets autonomous.
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    Here's how to do it, the rlink head unit is behind the screen, you need to remove the bezel and the screen, pull the head unit out using a crow bar and lob it out of the window. You should see immediate response with the disposal of excess weight. Let me know how you get on.[emoji106]
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    Are Rear Parking Sensors Necessary

    good news 4 days and the cars coming home by 5pm tonight quote me happy
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    R link firmware

    This is today's update from the R-link no help desk after allegedly bumping my query up to a manager a week ago... "We are still waiting for information about software and why is it available for some customers. I will contact you as soon as I have any information. My apologies for the delay." I can only come to the conclusion that the only purpose of the UK R-link help desk is to write fob off apology emails to customers... they know nothing and can find out nothing. I might as well have asked my houseplant [emoji849] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    They've been stating this for 8 - 12 months. Complete lies. A software release has a schedule. The fact that the tech support are having to bull their way about shows the total lack of professionalism of Renault in this department
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    Looking to buy a Kadjar auto

    I went for 19" wheels, I couldn't tell the difference in the ride. They do look better and suit the car, in my opinion
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    New Member

    I totally agree with Marc. The 1.2 TCE is surprisingly agile, and apart from tyre noise very quiet. When stood it's easy to think it's off.
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    R-Link 2 back to R-Link

    Everyone with a twitter / Facebook accounts should bombard Renault UK and Carlos Ghosn with their issues, or we start a organised campaign on twitter where we just repeat the same tweet to Renault UK everyday, just need something simple that is repeated , bad advertising is never good for a company it might actually spur them on to do something about it .. " Due to major bugs and lack of map updates with the Renault Kadjar R-Link2 system, please can I have a definitive date when these will be fixed and the unit fully operational as advertised " The above is good for Facebook , would need to be edited for twitter ... @renault_uk Nice self promotion now sort out all the Kadjar rlink2 issues, maps updates, make your existing customers happy Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Blue Dolphin


    This is my 8th with them & 1st Renault, my kadj was in with the dealership for 3 weeks with stop/start probs. I've never been able to get a courtesy car before from the dealership due to my car been adapted with infrared remote controls, but hats off to motablity they acquired a car with the matching controls in Coventry & had it delivered/collected to/from my door in Devon.
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    Relieved new owner.

    Hello and welcome......................... .............Some of the complaints must not be taken too seriously. I have had my Kadjar for a while now and its the best car I have ever owned. I started driving in 1967 and have lost count of all my cars.
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    Age is but a number!

    I bought my Kadjar as a 70th birthday present to myself. Whenever I'm driving it I feel twenty years younger. The wife thinks I'll never grow up. Hope she's right!
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    If you bought an iphone 7 last year then heard that someone bought one this year and it had new features not available to you, you would feel slightly aggrieved. Had that phone been a 7s then there wouldn't be anything to feel aggrieved about as you are aware that apple (and other firms) release upgrades around 1 year in but do change the product ID by adding an 's' or similar. According to Renault the system is still R-Link 2 (not 3 or 2s etc) but with a firmware upgrade which allows use of android auto/apple car play and access to new maps and fixes the bugs most of us suffer on a daily basis. This isn't strictly true however, as some have been informed that hardware has also changed which if true should have a different title (not just an asterix saying based on date of manufacture) . Due to this hardware change it seems that, for now, the older version of R-Link 2 is not currently being supported as focus has moved over to the newer version. If a software update for the 'older' version of the R-Link 2 is released (has been rumoured for almost a year) then it will placate a lot of disgruntled owners as it would hopefully fix the bugs and allow the maps to be updated. Android auto isnt a deal breaker for me but the bugs and outdated maps are quite annoying.
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    Clean at last

    Gave me a very good chuckle this thread, it should get promoted to the front of the forum. Great job on the immaculate white Kadjar Horsepower. I love the heated debate throughout on clean yourself, get someone to clean it for you - just never clean it lol. My last car got the self jet wash treatment which actually is pretty brutal - those hoses just want to bash against your car and the brush thing always seemed to have previously been used by someone to scrub the grit off their wheel arches. For the Kadjar I got a Karcher (which the misses calls a Kadjar) for jet wash and a quality wash kit that won't be full of grit to wreck the paint finish - because I like my car to look tidy and it's quite therapeutic to take time out fussing over it. Whatever you do though it doesn't matter...as long as you enjoy spending your time doing it.
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    many thanks for your clarification
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    Members Debate the Move

    Maybe shedder needs more time seeing as he's been working his nuts off . Plus we don't want a Brexit situation ....vote to jump and worry , or not , about the problems later
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    Hey guys! I'm a new Kadjar owner and new to this forum. Quite unfortunately - I decided to get my Signature S Nav from the dealer existing stock and it turned out to be from the "old" stock with the older R-Link 2 install with no smartphone mirroring. I'm determined to get this rectified and have done some extensive research over multiple forums to see the situation and it seems that Apple require a "higher powered USB output" which I frankly think is bollocks because the existing output is more than my wall charger. Nonetheless - if this is true then I don't see why Renault can't at least include android auto when the whole system itself is android based. So for this I have three actions proposed: 1) Go sign the petition from the french forum (use google translate if you're not fluent in croissant) - https://www.change.org/p/renault-france-android-auto-carplay-pour-tous-les-r-link-2-renault? 2) If someone has the new r-link 2 software (version - please upload the update file? - I can ask some more talented friends if they can do some work on trying to build a custom firmware - this will be risky however and not guaranteed - its been done on the Mazda CX5 to bring android auto on there but people need to reinstall the stock firmware before car goes into service (I believe). 3) This is my own personal endeavour as I feel I've been wronged by Renault in my particular case - my car was manufactured April 24th and this article clearly states "From April onwards, 100% of new cars produced with R-LINK will embark the compatibility with the leading smartphone projection technologies from Google and Apple." This was more recently changed to May 2017 vehicles - so it is quite unacceptable that I only had that previous info when buying my car - I think I should have a legal avenue to pursue but ideally want to resolve it with a software update. Thanks for reading guys! Keep up the pressure and keep contacting Renault complaints team
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    Automatic headlights

    Totally agree...may be my favourite feature
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    My May 16 Kadjar is still on maps version Q3 2015, now over 18 months out of date. Like an idiot I paid £55 for an extra 12 months map updates which was sold as providing "at least 2 updates per year". Where are the updates Renault? The system is woefully inadequate and even more out of date. My android phone does a better job with map updates at least quarterly and no more that £20 for lifetime updates! Rlink-2 is the same technology so why so out of date. I've also read that the system is to be upgraded in the near future to include Android Auto and Apple Connect, but only for new vehicles! So current Renault owners get two fingers. Not on, seriously bad and stupid marketing. Renault could do themselves a lot of harm with this. May I suggest it is about time we neglected and ignored Rlink2 users start flexing our voices and typing fingers in order to very publicly bombard Renault and their dealerships with complaints.
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    Look what trailer my Kadji tow...

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I am terrified!!!

    They forgot to mention it only runs on a rail in a disused parking lot
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    Dancing mirror

    Mine does too. I found that avoiding checking the rear view mirror resolves the problem.
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    Can't decide on s nav or sig nav

    Sanity is returning [emoji3][emoji16] Sent from my SM-T560 using Tapatalk
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    Can't decide on s nav or sig nav

    All we seem to get are people threatening to change cars because of perceived problems with R Link 2. FFS it is an infotainment system that is all. The actual car is superb with good mpg. Had it nearly a year now and hadn't missed a beat. Isn't that more important? Sent from my SM-T560 using Tapatalk
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    Help all my speed cameras have vanished

    Those signs with numbers on are guides not limits right? [emoji12] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I got the 1.6 Diesel because it was the biggest engine the Kadjar came with and I hated the 1.6 petrol in my 11 plate Grande Scenic. I didn't drive a Kadjar before getting it, mainly got it because I liked the DRL headlights lol. As for the 1.6 Diesel sound - it's far quieter then my old 1.6 petrol. Whisper quiet - in fact it's often hard to tell if the engine is running or off. I've done plenty of varied driving now and it handles speed bumps well, little road noise to speak of - I imagine the experience is pretty much going to be the same as the 1.5 in that respect. I use the Eco feature all the time and still feel the acceleration is sprightly enough for needs with it on, and just knock it off for extra power if I want to overtake or just feel a bit racey. I did not get the 4wd option though - it adds 800kg to the car weight which I imagine cripples the fuel economy and performance.
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    Membership No's

    The glowing reviews of a car that don't have a "but" in the sentence should be treated with due caution anyway. Who's ever owned a perfect car [emoji36]I'll give you a free ride on my unicorn [emoji12] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Front door disassembly

    Interesting that he uses a screwdriver to pry off the trim, not the best idea 👎
  44. 3 points

    Clean Diesel Filter warning light

    a post was deleted from this thread by mistake, we are all human so sorry i was just trying to clean up the double video but it didnt work i would like to apologise to the member in question for my action as said it was a mistake
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    Whats it all about

    Agree with you on all of the above. Whilst the added extra techie bits are smart, I don't wholly rely on them or use them - I bought my car to drive and I think it happens to look great too. Kadjar, 1.5 dci Signature S Nav, Flame Red, 66 Plate
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    HI Like this idea BUT how will i find HEAD OFFICE with sat nav as is old maps ?? but maybe ok if it's been there since before June 2015 any body know ?? J.C.
  47. 3 points

    Smartphone mirroring in pre-May vehicles

    In my opinion the main issue is not whether or not pre May 2017 have AndroidAuto but that there is no route to upgrading the R Link . The R Link 2 is already obsolete within 18 months of the Kadjar's launch apparently . It may not affect the drive of the car but it was all part of the package that many paid £25000 . Surely that's not good enough ?
  48. 3 points

    Kadjar Car Park Rule

    Just to give a little extra perspective. Some people try to park close to the entrance because they have mobility issues, and either didn't qualify for a blue badge, or all the blue badge spaces are full. Sometimes an extra yard to walk really is too far. Glad you are able to walk from the far corner of the car park. Personally, I can't make it round a supermarket, but I can just about make it from the closest space to the coffee shop next door!
  49. 3 points

    Relieved new owner.

    Thanks all, Forum is a wealth of information. I felt like I knew the car inside out before it arrived...... It's early days yet, but so far I would agree with you JH, best car I've driven...... (I'm 47 by the way, so still a youngster...... 😉).
  50. 3 points

    A picture from a new owner

    I live rural near a dairy farm, 90% of muck on my car came out the back end of cow! I'd rather be in a mucky country car than a clean city car though! ------------------------ I can't be the only sane one here? 🤡 It's not my Kadjar, I'm only borrowing it off my Grandad![emoji23]