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    This is whats happening

    one week in and the vote was pitiful, its as if no one was bothered, well thats ok it was still democratic. I have now resigned as your moderator and taken the position of admin on the new site effective immediately . i am moving to https://renaultkadjarforum.com/ and i recommend you do the same. the core membership on this site are the best i have known on any forum, they are helpful and tolerant and i would welcome you to the new site to continue to give your advice, whether you own a Kadjar or not. I want to thank you for your understanding over the least few months i might not have answered as quickly as i would have liked but i have done my best, working with one hand behind my back. so they say one door closes and another opens, well lets all open the door on the new site and i await to welcome you there. Shedder 101
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    Official Renault Kadjar PDF's

    Various fitting guides for the Kadjar. EasyFlex container fitting instructions for Kadjar .pdf Door sill Kadjar.pdf Boot container fitting instructions for Kadjar .pdf User Manual Alarm Kadjar.pdf User manual - Autofolding mirrors KADJAR.pdf Rear mudguard.pdf Trunk net floor fitting instructions for Kadjar .pdf Mounting Notice Rear Park assist - KADJAR .pdf Enlightened door sill Kadjar .pdf Fitting instruction for 7 ways swan neck tow bar harness .pdf Fitting instructions for Kadjar retractable tow-bar .pdf Fitting instructions for Kadjar swan-neck tow-bar .pdf Fitting Instructions Trunk net (vertical) for Kadjar .pdf fitting manual for RHD alarm KADJAR .pdf Front mudguard.pdf Kadjar Auto Folding Mirrors.pdf Kadjar Crossbar.pdf Kadjar illuminated side bars.pdf Kadjar illuminated Sill Plates.pdf kadjar Reversing Camera.pdf Kadjar Tow Bar.pdf Load Carrier.pdf Mounting manual - Shark Fin Antenna - KADJAR .pdf Mounting manual Front Parking Aids KADJAR.pdf Mounting notice - Auto-folding mirror harness KADJAR.pdf Mounting notice Dog grid KADJAR .pdf Mounting Notice Harness Towbar 13p Retractable - Kadjar .pdf Mounting notice Harness towbar 13p Swan neck - Kadjar .pdf
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    I am terrified!!!

    Don't joke with this!! In Heaven: the cooks are French, the policemen are English, the mechanics are German, the lovers are Italian and the bankers are Swiss. In Hell: the cooks are English, the policemen are German, the mechanics are French, the lovers are Swiss and the bankers are Italian.... An autonomous French car will be like Godzilla on streets!!! I sent Renault an e-mail:" Stick with baguettes please!!!"
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    Great end to the year.

    Half the people participating in this forum appear to be easteren europeans, including me. There's no need to be politically correct, just don't blame the origins of an idiot. The fact he was born in EE doesn't mean we are all idiots, just as not all the islanders are Ainstains, right?
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    Merry Christmas to all Members

    Hi All I want to take this opportunity, before silly season takes full hold, to wish all members old and new a very merry, pain free Christmas. this year has seen a marked improvement on new members and I hope everyone has found the information useful. All the best from shedder101
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    I am terrified!!!

    At 2017 Frankfurt International Motor Show Renault announced Renault Symbioz, "an autonomous car" which drives itself. I guess it uses the newest Renault maps from 06.2016. Renault is asking all pedestrians and cars to remain their positions as they were recorded in 13.06.2016 at exactly 4:34 PM. Knowing how good are Renault's "current and upcoming connected customization" and the news that they will have the same partnership with LG and TomTom I just don't want to live in a world in which a Renault car will be on the streets autonomous.
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    Here's how to do it, the rlink head unit is behind the screen, you need to remove the bezel and the screen, pull the head unit out using a crow bar and lob it out of the window. You should see immediate response with the disposal of excess weight. Let me know how you get on.[emoji106]
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    many thanks for your clarification
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    A few days away in France
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    Spotted two poo colour kadjars

    beige dune is the color. i ordered mine in this color ilike it . and in Greece the metal color is not charged.
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    Automatic headlights

    Totally agree...may be my favourite feature
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    Look what trailer my Kadji tow...

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Cheshire Oaks 19.10.17

    Pure coincidence that we followed each other in. We all had a laugh when we got out of the cars about making sure we got back in the correct car when leaving. Cheshire Oaks Outlet Mall, Ellesmere Port
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    J C

    Keyless Driving

    Hope renault sort sat nav first, if it leaves home without a driver might NEVER see it again JC
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    New Firmware 590

    Maybe they should give the option to remove the nag with an built in questionnaire ? i.e. a) too expensive b ) can't afford it c ) because it's crap
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    I am terrified!!!

    They forgot to mention it only runs on a rail in a disused parking lot
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    Dancing mirror

    Mine does too. I found that avoiding checking the rear view mirror resolves the problem.
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    Can't decide on s nav or sig nav

    Sanity is returning [emoji3][emoji16] Sent from my SM-T560 using Tapatalk
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    Can't decide on s nav or sig nav

    All we seem to get are people threatening to change cars because of perceived problems with R Link 2. FFS it is an infotainment system that is all. The actual car is superb with good mpg. Had it nearly a year now and hadn't missed a beat. Isn't that more important? Sent from my SM-T560 using Tapatalk
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    is the Nav on R-Link so bad

    I certainly would. There's a noted 19 or more defects in the Ro-link software as reported by site members. By any software developer, thats a poor showing for what should be a simple system.
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    This is whats happening

    this is what's happening i have decided the problem here is choice some of the members can't decide a simple concept of voting, looking at the view rate to votes, well it doesn't take a genius to see that. so i am deleting my posts the vote, the domain choice everything. the two members have registered their domains and are building the sites they wish to offer. members will be able to choose the site they want from what's on offer. when they are completed this will be up for 1 week after that, i will stop modorating this site, I will be moving to the new site and invite everyone to come with me. i invite all members to copy the topics they feel are the most important and paste them to the new site. crap posts will be deleted i have copies of all the pdf and links to video files and will be posting those to the site, so its the members images that need to be moved. i will put links to the new site around the old one so people will know where we have gone i will send MM my resignation and that will be my job done here. I have been offered an Admin post on the new site, this i am considering at the moment. this site might keep ticking along until the fees are due or it will crash. without moderation this could be sooner rather than later. I have done my best to keep this site going and its the best option i can offer. i would like to thank you for the support you have given me over the time I have been Moderator. Shedder101
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    Day light robbery, I was going to say robbing bastards but didn’t think it was appropriate. should be able to put new pads in as well for that kind of money
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    Kadjar Star Wars Advert

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    Hi Yes socket in front only works when ignition turned on, the one in the rear is permanently live JC😎😎🥃🥃
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    I have a Dec 66 4wd 1.6dci.I have stopped using Eco during the winter and run it on 4wd auto at the moment. Even on this mode there is a flat spot before the turbo kicks in but you will get used to that after a while. I only use Eco on a long run on open roads and occasionally switch it off for a few moments if I need a boost in power for overtaking. Mpg up to 56 on a long run on Eco. Mpg on 4wd currently about 47 on mainly short runs.
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    Kadjar 4WD owners

    You forget two facts. 1 - My fuel consumption is measured with two adults in the car and two cildren. Total of 275 kg. 2 - Im comparing two equal engines, one coupled with a 2wd gearbox, and the other with 4wd. What it has to do wirh the other brands? I'm saying the 4WD vs. the 2WD is noisier, more expensive and with more fuel consumption. So, what I'm saying is, in my opinion all these benefits are not worth for 98% of the drivers. That's it
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    Kadjar for skiing

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    clutch judder - am I alone?

    Had the same issue with my Kadjar 15 Diesel Boyco, but all does not sound as bad as it seems. Had mine serviced today at a Renault garage and i explained the problem to them and they said they would get there technicians to take a look. When I picked the car up they explained it wasnt clutch judder it was the traction control which kicks in if the sensors on the car detect the wheels spinning up. ( its even explained in the user manual). The traction control system applies the brake momentarily to stop the wheel spinning up and the driver loosing control. makes sense to me and explains why it seems to happen more frequently in cold weather.... cold tyres means less grip more spin. Hope this helps you rest your fears.
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    Great end to the year.

    As someone who, in his working life, lived and worked in Europe for over 25 years, I am well aware that other countries have roughly the same rules and regulations as we do. Wife'sKj's letter was in no way racial. He was, as I would have been, so pissed off that he was spitting blood. Had the other driver been British he would have written the same letter but substituted Eastern European gentleman with "some moron from Leeds/Glasgow/London". Understandably so in my opinion. We all know that we (here in Britain) have more than our fair share of idiots on the road so don't make an issue of something that isn't one. Happy New Year.
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    Great end to the year.

    Wife'sKdj was stating the facts and not making a comment on Eastern Europeans. I realise that we live in a lunatic politically correct society but hell, was your comment necessary?
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    Terrible Continental Tyres!

    I've just had Budget tyres fitting to the Front £80 each no where near as noisy as the continentals and no difference to handling! Tyres changed a 17k lets see how long these last.
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    Renualt telling lies???

    Says it all about Renault's attitude towards customers . Don't deliver on the promises that help sell the car and give them a couple of quid to shut them up
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    I will start at the beginning, we are Motability customers & for the past 3 years we have had a Renault Captur that was supplied by our local main dealer, all went well & at the end of the three year lease we decided on a brand new Kadjar to replace it. We ordered it & took delivery on Halloween ... As we were being waved off the Renault main dealer forecourt, they said.. 'Any problems sir, you know where we are' It looked lovely & we were so glad that we finally had the Kadjar....Brilliant! A beautiful car! However within hours of parking it on the drive I noticed that there was excessive moisture in both headlights??, & the car didn't look quite right, ??no problem I thought as the dealer did say.......'Any problems, you know where we are'. So the following day I went & took the car back to the Renault main dealer to make them aware of this excessive condensation issue etc, but they refused point blank to even look at it, instead calling it a "Phenomenon" & referring to a passage in the handbook that covers this "Phenomenon" involving headlights. Basically, instead of them even looking at the car I was shown the handbook.......& the door! I told them that I wasn't happy but all the woman on the aftersales reception would repeatedly say is..... 'Take it up with Renault UK ....as we don't make the cars'............ She then went & ate her Subway butty. Infuriating!!!. No problem I thought, it's all a mix up & the dealer will no doubt sort it out, especially after I speak to the "New Car Senior Sales Executive" who's dealt with with this right from the start, he seems helpful & won't let me down......so I thought. However!, He wouldn't do anything & kept going on about the headlamp "Phenomenon" & "Tolerances in the headlamps", despite me telling him that the car didn't look right he just wouldn't do anything. I said that I had been on the forum & he just replied ..'Oh people only go on forums to complain'. & I told him that he was being unfair. He just said that 'He's being cynical as it's his outlook due to being in that job' He also said that ..'We as a dealership don't make a right lot out of Motability'..............(Thanks for that little kick in the balls)....You Tw@t. The dealership refused point blank to see the vehicle so I had no choice but to take it up with Motability who arranged on my behalf to have the vehicle examined independently by DEKRA who sent a professional & impartial engineer, who examined the vehicle at my home, outside in torrential rain (there was no condensation at the time of examination, but this was purely because the atmospheric conditions were not conducive) but I provided clear documented photographic evidence from the night before of excessive headlamp condensation. (My photos attached) The engineer has subsequently found... CONCLUSION......... 'At the time of examination, no evidence of condensation could be found inside the headlamps'. 'It was noted during the examination that there was some misalignment noted of the headlamps placing within the vehicle bodywork. 'There was also noted some misalignment between the bonnet & the front grille' 'Should this be the case it may indicate that there has been cosmetic damage to the front of the vehicle, But this would need to be confirmed'. 'In any case there should NOT! be any condensation evident on the inside of the headlamps' 'There is misalignment between the bonnet & the front grille' 'The OSF headlamp is standing 10mm proud of the bonnet,yet the NSF headlamp is flush' To cut a long story short Motability have rejected the car & released myself & my wife from this lease, so it's bye bye to the Kadjar after just 8 days & we are now shopping for another car....(it won't be a Renault)...I'm done with them. Bitter sweet really, as the Kadjar was lovely (in the showroom) but in reality the one we got has been terrible (& so has the dealer). I feel really let down by the Renault Main Dealer,who I feel has behaved appallingly, thank god I had Motability fighting my case or I feel that I would have been royally shafted & left with a lemon with a dubious past. My own personal opinion & gut feeling is that the vehicle has had a minor bump (& poor repair) during the build/delivery process. Very odd behaviour from the Renault Main Dealer...very odd indeed. Never Ever Again.
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    Time to say good bye to my Kadjar

    Interesting... it see,s that here is not such a dealbreaker walkaway locking or android auto... the entry model is still 19.900€ (life 130 TCe) and the highest Bose/Iconic 4 WD ( just over 30k). Safety pack (Techno premuim package) is for those two trims only 1€. 165 TCe is same as dCi 130 in Iconic, also available is 130 dCi with CVT (almost same price as 4WD). I never had walkaway locking or auto fold mirrors so this is not an issue for me. Lack of map updates is...
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    Hi All just to let everyone know firmware was up dated a few weeks ago then today I managed to update my Maps And now everything is good !!!! Latest Maps are still out of date though ( 2016 ) but are more up to date than last ....... Only took 20mins to update Maps just started engine and let it do its thing on my drive
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    Satnav map routing failure

    Interesting, presence or absence of DAB depends from R-Link software programming or it's a different mechanical assembly (without DAB hardware module inside)?
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    New Member

    Well, the day finally arrived and I picked up the car this morning. First impressions - delighted with the way it drives and best of all no problems with pairing my iPhone at all! Makes calls, plays Spotify over Bluetooth and disconnects and reconnects every time (so far).🤗. Will give a bigger and better report over the coming days, but meantime if anyone has any questions fire away!
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    New Firmware 590

    What's the phrase with brewery in it? Also arse and elbow spring to mind
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    Translation: We (Renault) have screwed up so badly with RLink2 that we broke the normal USB update process and it must be done at a dealer...
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    R-Link 2 - updated answer from Renault DK

    That response is rubbish. they need to answer specifically what the technical limitation is with the USB port they have installed. As a minimum I expect a USB2 port to have been used and there is nothing in the CarPlay specification that suggests a USB3 port is needed.
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    Hi Everyone. I completely agree with all your observations regarding concentrating and driving correctly. But are we not missing the point. The r-link 2 is a system designed to help and inhancce our driving experience. The speed alerts etc is part of this system and along with many other parts of this system it does not work correctly. I would just like my r-link 2 to work correctly. I had a 2016 Captur previous to my Kadjar and the r-link was brilliant with no faults and regular map updates. Why change something that was not broken.
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    Picked up my nearly new Kadjar 1.2 Petrol Signature S nav today! Very happy with it so far albeit not got to grips with R-Link apps yet
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    At Last ! But is it to good to be true!

    Maybe now's the time to sub divide the R Link thread into R Link 2 and R Link 3 ?
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    I completely agree with you... I fixed the key card, but putting it inside a keychain wallet ... and I fixed the cupholder issue by wedging a cheap plastic cup in the passenger-side's cup holder... and now it can hold a cup without my arm knocking it over... as for the R-Link... that is a daily source of frustration that I cannot fix... as too is the random stalls at traffic lights.
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    Well put Sir
  46. 2 points

    Can't decide on s nav or sig nav

    Another oldie here and R-Link 2 does all I want or need. Doesn't phase me on the odd occasion when the maps point me down a recently created dead end street, I just go past or round and it directs me to go some other way. Or I stop and look at an actual paper map (shock horror to some youngsters I suspect!). Haven't noticed any other issues than that really, but then again I'm not lost without all the latest singing and dancing technology (such as the oft lamented missing android auto etc., on pre May 2017 Kadjars). Happy with my 19K spent on a new Sig Nav, heck it does loads of things more and better than my old Scenic! As for the rear camera mentioned by thread starter, I find the sensors do all I want or need as long as you don't zoom up to things too quickly and have learned its its limitations, so I don't. I can park to about 6 inches from an obstacle front or rear now I've got used to the sensor sounds and response time, this is brilliant! And after 4 months, I can now park as in my previous car, within 2 inches of the kerb without risking the alloys.
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    J C

    Can't decide on s nav or sig nav

    Hi MARK with regard to oldies not being able to work the tech have you thought MAYBE us oldies are working the tech fine and it is all you young whipper snappers who are struggling with it and hence the complaints JC
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    Can't decide on s nav or sig nav

    No ones saying a fault isn't a fault, just saying they aren't endemic in the Kadjar. Forums are magnets for moans while most of those who are happy don't feel moved to comment so the perception of anyone reading this forum could be distorted. It is truly a blasphemy on this website to say all is well! I've been in Technical support all my working life and the ratio is 10% real problems 90% misoperation! ------------------------ I can't be the only sane one here? 🤡 It's not my Kadjar, I'm only borrowing it off my Grandad![emoji23]
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    Are Rear Parking Sensors Necessary

    thought you would like to see the outcome , a before and after thingy, sorry for the reflection problems but i didnt take the pictures
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    New Key

    I got a leather holder for mine and really cheap on eBay. Best solution I have found yet.