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    New keyholder preview

    Ladies and Gents, i had an idea for key holder and i am running around with this since a couple of months (due to testing purpose) and still really happy with the result : I am trying to get the final product ready to be ordered in different colors : And customizable: This post is just a preview, as soon as the key holder is ready for order i will post an announcement in the "Member Classified" section. I really hope you like it, because i do love it, that's why i am trying to get it available for ordering Cheers !!!
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    Please keep it friendly regarding the key card holders, both members are equally free to sell them here on the forum (Even though many forums would not allow it) mainly because they are required for the kadjar key cards, There is a market for both, as with everything in life some people prefer lower prices and some prefer higher quality, each to their own. BoxerDog has been in touch and is getting some information together along with some pictures and I will be allowing both members to advertise them alongside each other with no favouritism, that said I believe Renault do visit the RKF from time to time and if they raise an issue with the logo use we may have to revisit this. I will also shortly be moving these threads to a new dedicated marketplace area where members will be able to make their choices from the available items. Cheers, Andy
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    Well I have been reading these post here since I ordered My Kadjar a couple of months ago, and to be honest most of the posts on here complaining about the poor build of the car and wind noises rattles ect oh and not forgetting the complaints about this aweful R link thingy, It really made me think I had wasted nearly 21 Grand on a heap of junk/ Well your all wrong ! Mine is a lovely quiet smooth drive, if you can use a mobile the R Link is simple to understand and does what its meant to, the Sat Nav I admit only used it half a dozen times but it took me to exactly where I wanted to go, all my Gadgity things work very well, but I did sit and read the Manual, and I went into the settings in the R Link and turned some off and turned some on changed themes & colours. I have had many top end cars over the years and I for one am really Happy with mine.
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    First 100 odd miles

    My : Dynamique S NAV 1.6 2wd, extras Supagaurd, spare wheel and Towbar.... Well what can i say, so far i am very very happy with it. Its drives really well: Engine: That 1.6dci is extremely punchy and has plenty of get up and go in it, waiting to get through a few tanks of diesel to see how the economy goes, and that auto start/stop..my 6th car with in and its the smoothest i have ever had. Gear change is nice TBH i like it, the throw is long but changing up and down is good and positive and suits my style. Handling : The 19's give a nice firm ride, can be a little harsh on a country road, but like a solid ride.....if you want comfort the 17's are probably a good bet. But for the look of the Apollo's i wouldn't change it for the world. The steering is slick and responsive and heavies up nicely at speed, and light as feather round town. Yet to sling it round the country roads but i think it will put in some good times on what we have affectionately know in our area as `The dog and gun run' and the A131 Challenge...This has been running for some years with friends to bench test cars. I have high hopes it will put in a good show. Electronics : All functions as expected and should IMO (Apart from the Bluetooth), corner lighting function is a bit weird, auto lights/high beam is awesome....you can try and quick draw against it but its faster than i can react so its all good. Auto wipers do the job. R-link all there, not signed up to the store yet so need to do that. Sat Nav seems to be fine, not really tested going places i don't know yet but all seems to work the same as my TomTom and its RDC Traffic system (not the best but its free). Speed limit reader is great and works well, cruise and speed limited is user friendly. Radio control as a bit dated, i am sure the `94 clio had that same system..lol, Dash is cool and clear although the seat belt and door open indicator is quite small. Radio/Sound : Not the bose system but the 3D sound is very nice and crisp..no complaints, yet to crank up the bass and run Robin S show me love (Good test of bass) and some Happy Hardcore (Good test of treble through the car at full tilt, but Foo fighters and Sterophonics sound good... Looks : WOW WOW WOW The Cosmos Blue and the Apollo wheels, its got plenty of Va Va Voom, good ol'french styling you can't beat it.....and i do feel sorry for people that have brought a QQ, because i you can't go for a jog in the middle of a rainforest without seeing one...pretty certain if you look closely enough through a telescope there are at least 50 on the moon.. Tow bar : One of the best hide away towbars ever, its neat and tidy, and completely disappears and electrics all built in to the hitch. The pull cord in the boot to release it is discrete...use of electromagnets is interesting. Gripes/Issues with it: Far right hand edge of the sat nav is covered slightly (so when driving a little slip of the screen is obscured by the display surround/bezel when when driving). No autofold wing mirrors..would be nice Bluetooth, but Renualt have advised me will be uto 2weeks for the update. And they have informed me it will likely be update that can be done at home rather then a dealer. Renault will be in contact when its available and will send me the `How to update R Link' instruction to me. Other than that it is a great car and a fine choice. I am extremely pleased with it......
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    Fellow Kadjar owners, I was thinking of setting up a post with Kadjar quirks / issues which we can use as a checklist to refer to the main dealer for repair during the service. I hope we can make this a sticky and I'll update it with whatever the other forum members report. All the issues I have are related to software glitches and should be easily fixed with a software update. Here they are, 1.) Auto parking feature is often misses an adequate parking. Also sometimes parks too far out from the kerb. 2.) Auto braking does not always work, especially when reversing uphill. 3.) Service mode wiper setting does a full wipe when turning it off. If you move the stalk to another wiper position other than off, it would activate the wipers while turning the service mode off. 4.) Sat Nav repeats the Speed Camera notification and to reduce speed a large number of times in a 200metre stretch. Can be extremely annoying. Once or twice is enough. 5.) Car loses connection to renault. Need to reboot RLink 2 to re-establish the connection. 6.) Reprograming of automatic climate control for more effective air distribution in the cabin. 7.) Occasionally the front sensors don't work, possibly resulting in damage to the front bumper.
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    Official Renault Kadjar PDF's

    Various fitting guides for the Kadjar. EasyFlex container fitting instructions for Kadjar .pdf Door sill Kadjar.pdf Boot container fitting instructions for Kadjar .pdf User Manual Alarm Kadjar.pdf User manual - Autofolding mirrors KADJAR.pdf Rear mudguard.pdf Trunk net floor fitting instructions for Kadjar .pdf Mounting Notice Rear Park assist - KADJAR .pdf Enlightened door sill Kadjar .pdf Fitting instruction for 7 ways swan neck tow bar harness .pdf Fitting instructions for Kadjar retractable tow-bar .pdf Fitting instructions for Kadjar swan-neck tow-bar .pdf Fitting Instructions Trunk net (vertical) for Kadjar .pdf fitting manual for RHD alarm KADJAR .pdf Front mudguard.pdf Kadjar Auto Folding Mirrors.pdf Kadjar Crossbar.pdf Kadjar illuminated side bars.pdf Kadjar illuminated Sill Plates.pdf kadjar Reversing Camera.pdf Kadjar Tow Bar.pdf Load Carrier.pdf Mounting manual - Shark Fin Antenna - KADJAR .pdf Mounting manual Front Parking Aids KADJAR.pdf Mounting notice - Auto-folding mirror harness KADJAR.pdf Mounting notice Dog grid KADJAR .pdf Mounting Notice Harness Towbar 13p Retractable - Kadjar .pdf Mounting notice Harness towbar 13p Swan neck - Kadjar .pdf
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    Is this the right forum for an argument ? .Not in my opinion . The forum is to share and seek out information ( sorry for going a bit James T Kirk there ) , advise prospective owners on all aspects of the Renault Kadjar from all aspects good and bad . Injecting a little humour and banter into proceeding is also good,in my opinion . Also to ensure that statements are truthful and accurate . Personally , I often look in on the Forums on mainland Europe , probably the German one is the best . Be aware that some of the trim levels and equipment are slightly different so ,obviously, won't apply to the UK market . I think that most people will see ,if they read my posts , that my overall impression of the Kadjar is very high . Some people are a little aggrieved about non folding wing mirrors , the horn ,illumination , non auto locking etc. .Whilst I'm not too bothered about these issues , a little surprised that they haven't carried them over from other vehicles in the marque , these people have a perfect right to air that opinion ' I still love my Kadjar . Most , if not all , my negative comments have been regarding After Sales Support as an entity, not all of the people who work in support . Some are better than others ,I've had the pleasure of dealing with them . The outcome has not always been good but I'm not blaming those individuals . All the comments I've made about Support are the truth not fictional . Some facts :- Renault did not seek me out to inform me of the air bag issue …..fact and , in my opinion, very poor aftersales service The the Renault Kadjar Product Manager doesn't seem to be aware that the Indicator Volume feature isn't present on the Kadjar having advised me through Support that it isn't ...this is very poor that the Product Manager seems to be unaware of what features come with the Kadjar ...very concerning in my opinion On one visit to the dealer I enquired if my Kadjar was subject to the product recall issued in January on the DVSA website ...the dealership hadn't even heard of it ( Really ? )….very poor ...in my opinion I have been sent to the dealership four times since February to fix issues mostly minor 30% of these issues have been fixed . Another failure on my most recent visit meaning a fifth visit is in the pipeline.... I have owned the car since October and I think five visits in a nine month time is bloody ridiculous …..in my opinion , and my wife's , first thing she said when I came through the door There are other things but , in the interest of brevity , I'll leave it at that Some of you may agree with my opinions some may not , it's your right to have the freedom to express your opinion . You can post that opinion too, the same freedom applies Unfortunately there seems to be group of members that have recently launched a crusade against a few members here that seem to be posting about the downside of The Renault After Sale Experience We have accused of being a gang , malcontents and bullies A gang ….. we don't even know each other . Some of us have exchanged messages about R link set up, one involved advice about his TV ( jactac) . But getting together and attacking your opinions ….No Way Malcontents ? ..Whilst at the dealership on Friday , I saw an old couple with a salesman looking over a Kadjar . They spoke to me and I advised them that the Kadjar was a great car well worth buying .I also told them there were some small issues that Renault haven't yet resolved but it shouldn't prevent them buying the car . I did however advise them , as they only made small local trips , to go for the petrol . This was based on reports gleaned from the forum . The salesman was trying to sell them a diesel ( really ?) . Anyway they went away to check their finances first and seemed like they were going to buy a Kadjar . Is that the action of a malcontent ? Bullies … I really take offence to this accusation . I,and others,are being attacked and ridiculed for expressing an honest opinion . Expressing a contrary opinion is OK . Continually attacking our honest opinions until we tire of the aggravation and say nothing or leave the forum ( as has happened in the past ) ..that is bullying . It's done on the internet so it must be cyber bullying by definition . I don't quite understand the motives of people who seem to jump to the defence of Renault at every opportunity . Are they Renault plants set to discredit dissenters ? Are they merely Renault employees incensed that some us criticize some aspects of the Organisation they work for ? Are they naturally argumentative ? Or are they trolls ? Who knows ? If you disagree with anything I've said , including my factual statements regarding my dealings with Renault ,you are welcome to post your opinion . I don't see how you can challenge any facts , how would you know about my dealings with Renault ? So post an opinion if you wish But don't try to start an argument ,I will not respond P.S. No “ gang “ members were involved in the composing of this post Have a nice relaxing day , hopefully a nice drive the beautiful Kadjar
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    Boxer Dog

    Kadjar Key Fob

    Finished making the electronic key cover. Pleased with it and it can now be attached safely to my keys
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    Collected And First Impressions !!!

    Topic locked as it has disintegrated into a thread for getting at each other and is in danger of getting ugly. I will keep it up for people to read as it does cover some good points regarding problems found on the kadjar but as Jactac has now reached a suitable conclusion i.e. a full refund, the story has actually come to a logical conclusion and no further new comments could be made regarding this particular case. I will also take a bit of time to go through the entire thread and make any edits I feel necessary, so that future readers can still obtain any information that may be usefull, but any unhelpful posts will be deleted. Personally I probably should have stepped in earlier but I do try to let people have their say and dare I say it I'm a fan of self regulation to a point, but the forums are here ultimately for enjoyment and I intend for it to stay that way, Please feel free to PM regarding any of these points and I will respond as I work my way through the quagmire. Andy
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    Glovebox light

    Bought this motion sensor light now attached to inside of my glovebox and comes on when I open the lid [emoji16] simples! Note to Renault Cost of item £6.00 Fitting time: 1 minute I'm sure you can afford to add this to future KJs [emoji53] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    New plate, new Kadjar!

    Well its finally arrived after 6 months of waiting, Bose sound system is awesome, maybe some owners/test drives have not altered the settings as everything is at Zero . pulled up before I got to petrol station to see where the release lever was ! As on test drive not much torque low down till turbo kicks in , saying that my car has 345 bhp, and her IX35 before that was a 2 litre so I suppose we have been spoilt. Phone connected no problem and like art work displayed too, only negative so far, a really cheap plastic moulding with one press-stud clip surrounds the steering wheel column and looks mega flimsy. Other than that all good apart from the weather
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    OK, so done a little road trip around Europe for a week, took in 10 countries and quote a bit of mileage so I have now given the Kadjar a good run in. So, I now have a very clear picture of the car and the good and bad that it entails. If you saw a british plated Kadjar around Europe then it was likely me !! First off, the car is, for me, extremely comfy to drive for a long distance. It eats the miles and I am not sore, nor tired. I did home to Switzerland on day 1, with a couple of hour ferry break and an hour nap in a service station and felt good afterwards. Setting the profile to a European on worked well having kilometres as units. However, bug #1 noted on the trip is that the units are all fine, speed cameras etc all conform however the trip, mileage and mpg all remains in miles. This really should be set to km, kmpg etc. Minor, but noted. Switching the lights is a simple quarter turn with a screwdriver and not 1 flash from blinding others. Fuel is good. 43 gallons and not too many fuel stops over the full 2700 miles. Comes out on the trip as about 56 mpg. The cup holders are the right size for me, however, I have to use the passenger holder as they do have a tendency to get int he way of my arm for the gear changes. Clutch is light and smooth and the cruise control works wonderfully well. I did find that I would have liked a blind spot mirror on the passenger side to improve visibility. I have found that the gap between the door and the driver seat is perfect for a 2 litre bottle of water. Kept a the right angle and nice and snug :-) Radio is good enough, but I still remain unconvinced on the reception being good enough. However, it was never a concern. Had 1 point where the system went into night mode in a tunnel with the lights coming on and never coming out of it until I stopped and restarted (IT have you tried turning it off and on again) Seats to like to catch the crumbs Glove box is a tardis, but could do with a light. As could the boot. Needed the phone torch light at times in there. However, the false floor is great to put delicate items when the boot is full and not wanting to squash things. The cruising autobahn speeds is spot on with no stress on the engine. Air-con keeps the car at the right temp when 34 degrees outside. Had a surprise when after 6.5k on the clock (miles) the oil warning came on. I had been checking and not and a drop so was a shock to get hit with it and the 1litre of freebie oil is now gone and needs replacing My biggest gripe is the sat nav. It got to the point of being infuriating. maps are badly out of date. I like the updates on the changing countries and updates to speeds and rules etc. The out of date maps materialise with no mapping for your location alerts. Twice it got the destination wrong. Once by 5km in the wrong direction and google maps was reverted to. It also has a massive, and I mean massive, flaw in the event detour. It keeps notifying of a route that is better, even though I am set to only give me an update if it saves me an hour or more. Totally ignored. It offered a route to miss a 5 mile jam by rerouting me over 200 km and 2.5 hours. That it thought was a better option and as mentioned before no matter telling to ignore the jam, cancelling the notification it kept coming back every few minutes. Add to that if it sees a camera it constantly says reduce your speed even when I was not speeding. These make it basically unusable as a sat nav. However, overall it was a dream to drive on the road trip. Issues I had are minor, apart from the sat nav which I truly dislike. It works as a whole, but has some minor software glitches that cause a major (major) usability issue. I've come away even more happy with my car purchase, but I really would like car manufacturers to allow me to upload my own apps, sat nav etc and have proper map updates and such like. The enforced and restricted Rlink could be more open with me replacing OEM apps with better ones. So, thats's about it. Lovely car, lovely week away, nice long drive and a good shakedown.
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    Happy New Kadjar Day

    And here it is. So far so good! Renault 1.2 TCe Signature Nav in Flame Red Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    One Month Review

    So, I have had my Kadjar 1.5 dci auto Signature Nav for a month now; which is enough time for me to get a feel for both the good and bad aspects as a Kadjar owner. First off the good Looks Great Economic - after 600 miles I am averaging 51 mpg on a mixture of motorway and country roads Great to Drive Very Comfortable Front Doors open very wide so easy to get in and out Panoramic Roof lightens the cabin up a bit Great Boot and general practicality Bose Stereo sounds good too The not so good lack of ambient lighting in cabin is annoying as it seems like a poor attempt at cost cutting R Link 2 not very intuitive Back Door opening narrow so not the easiest to get in and out of here Reflection from bose badge on dash in windscreen can be irritating Overall still a very happy Kadjar owner
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    Initial Thoughts

    OK, I have owned the car for a day now and here are my initial thoughts. I bought the Kadjar 1.6 dCi Signature Nav 4WD in Mercury, I got the following options added to the car. Techo Pack Premium, Leather Seats and Heated seats Good Points * Lovely car to drive, make you feel special to drive one  * Good high driving seat good views all around the car, and blind spot mirrors work well. * The silver colour is great looking and the alloy wheels match great / details of the car are great. * It’s great to have the Sat Nav details on the main driving screen next to the speedo as it saves looking at main sat nav screen. * Heated seats are great * The senses are amazing, scares the life out of you on the first time their come on, I drove my car through a tight gap and the whole screen just automatic came onto the sensors screen and started beeping as it was a close tight gap and it scared the life out of me, but it was also very good for getting through. * R-link, I like how this is all connected to all of the features, sat nav, phone, media, voice commands, car details / profiles. I have an iphone and all the features work well, sms text reading is good. * Seats/electric adjusted driver seat, this is just great, I am 5;11 and a big guy, i have a damaged back, and this is just great for me, the seat is just so nice to sit in, and the heated seats, wow there are great * Boot size is good, and the two boards you get to separate shopping/items is good. Bad Points Well most people know the bad points here; some of them I don’t care about but I have added for a fairer review for a "top of a range" car which even though I don’t care about. The car that is top of a range and should have them. * None automatic folding mirrors - while this is not an issue as I never had folding mirrors! - I can see this being fixed in an update to the system software * Lack of auto up/down on all windows - While I personally don’t see this an issue, I will list it here for other people. * Not all buttons are illuminated - again I personal don’t see this an issue, as you should not be look at the buttons while driving anyhow! * No light in glovebox, I again does see this as a bad point as I don’t mind this. * Bose logo showing on the windscreen, while you can see this logo, you can also see the whole dash showing, which is something I have just got use to while driving for a lot of years (and no not saying how many), so I personally don’t care about this. Points to note I remember the odd thing being asked and I found some of it out Storage space on the car, it looks like to be 1GB, you can see how much you have left form the My Apps screen then manage my apps I would also like to point out, even with all of the so called bad points, this is a great car to have and drive, and if anyone is looking at this and thinking of buying or not buying then go to a dealers and test drive one, that is how you found out if you like or don’t like the car. Also, remember you get for what you pay for, if you want good service, good information about the car, and any and all questions answered for you then go to a good dealer. Personal I went to Evans Halshaw in Middlesbrough, and I can’t prise them enough, greet service, all of the sales people get training on the car, so their will know most answers to your questions, but for the ones that them did not know, there took down the details and found it out for me. ** PS, if any of the above does not make any sense, then ask, I have bad dyslexia, and I am sticking to that.
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    Who has ordered one?

    hi all my first post here . orderd my kad dynamic s 1.5 d flame red 21st dec from arnold clark got it 8th jan . have to say what a fab car well done renault . now let me share what i have learned in the short time ive owned it , you may have read or watched reviews saying the 19 inch alloys make car bumpy well maybe a little but certainly not to the extent were it is uncomfy far from it the car rides really well and is quiet with very little wind /road noise and the wee engine is very quiet at motorway speeds . next i read that the car would struggle to pass traffic , and this bothered me after i ordered it but i was very pleasantly surprised just how punchy that wee 1.5 engine is , so hope that puts any future buyers minds at ease . only wee faults i can find is that the elec window /mirror switches dont light up nor do the usb sockets . but i can happily forgive these small issues as the car on the whole is great to drive and pleasing to my eye and many other drivers ive caught glancing over at my shinny flame red exterior . trip computer is showing average 53mpg for mixed driving so thats not bad and im sure it will do even better on long journeys . so thats my first impression hope all you fellow kadjarions enjoy your cars as much i am .
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    My Petrol 1.2 TCe

    OK I have done a short video assessment please let me know what you think, it was done very quickly so is a bit rough. https://youtu.be/rEBvHqNbguQ
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    Joe kad

    Collected And First Impressions !!!

    Hi guys well for me day has finally came picked up my petrol kadjar today nav s absolutely love it drives amazing no power issues faster than would have ever thought happy happy well worth the wait will post pictures tomorrow
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    I Love it!

    Got my Signature S Nav Kadjar after a 2 month wait. Ordered in May and were told to expect it by Aug/Sep. But received it much sooner. Driving feels so good. Giving it a score of 99% instead of 100% due electronic break not automatically invoked when waiting at signals.
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    Android Auto

    Got Android Auto to work and have Google maps if needed. Great stuff
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    Hello All So I've been on this forum since January and was a little anxious about what to eventually expect once we picked our car up on 18 February. We have a new 66 plate, Flame Red Sig S Nav 1.5 dci, manufactured in November time from what I can gather from the alarm paperwork. The colour contrasts beautifully with the chrome, tinted windows and panoramic roof. My choice at the time would have been white, as I think they look like stormtroopers (I'm a massive Star Wars fan!). But due to time constraints with returing our previous car, we could only be offered red or silver. But I'm pleased to say that I'm super chuffed with my Emperor's Royal Guard instead!! The Bose sound system is awesome (it's the sound system I wish I had when I was 17 and used to cruise along Southend seafront in my 1982 Ford Escort!!!) and after a 1,000 mile round trip to Scotland last week, we have no complaints re road handling, performance or fuel consumption. Luckily, we aren't affected by the wind noise issues that some users have experienced. It is by far the most expensive car we've ever had (although leased) (having previously leased 4 Clios (3 black, 1 silver) and 1 Captur (black)). So having the Flame Red has been a brave choice for us. I'm obsessed with it being sparkling clean and like that there aren't many Kadjars on the road right now. All in all, I'm a little bit in love with my Kadjar: my children love the panoramic roof and give a little cheer each time the car parallel parks itself (we have very busy, tight on-road parking so this feature has been a godsend - no more scuffed alloys!!!). The kids are also eager to check out Mummy's eco driving score at the end of each journey (Mummy quite regularly beats Daddy's score [emoji6][emoji28]). I don't know if we have been lucky or perhaps our expectations aren't as high as others, but I would genuinely recommend this vehicle - I'm yet to find fault with it. I've leased from Renault for 15 years now and have also never had any issues with any of their services either. Happy driving everyone! [emoji4]
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    Clean your fob!

    You mean it is like this?
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    Think this old R Link is broken 😂

    Think you have issues with R-link2? This poor lad can't connect his I phone at all in his....
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    Clean Kadjar

    Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
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    Bonjour from Northants

    Evening folks. Im Dave from Northants. Picked up my new Kadjar Signature Nav S Yesterday. Very pleased with it !!
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    Ok so let’s get some things into perspective. My ‘other half’ owns a Land Rover Discovery Sport which is just a year old. It has the shark fin antennae and the DAB radio drops out in all (more even) places than my Kadjar. Perhaps this is something to do with reception where we live. His sat Nav is much worse than that of the Kadjar. You can’t change the voice, there is the choice of one and one only which is an Angela Ripon sound alike! Plus twice she’s told us our destination is on the left when it’s actually on the right and no joke when you’re towing a caravan. She’s also taken us to a building site or two! In fact he’s jealous of the Kadjar’s graphics especially motor way junctions. Yes the Disco’s wing mirrors fold in automatically but still stick out a lot when folded. Yes it has ambient interior lighting – and there’s a light in the foot-well so you can see where to put your feet on the pedals too! Did you know that the Discovery Sport also has a key fob that is very similar in shape to that of the Kadjar only a bit fatter but it has a little hook to put your house keys on? The touch screen froze up after a couple of months of owning it (don’t forget it’s a new vehicle) and he had to take it back where they disconnected the battery to reset everything. All a bit inconvenient After around three months the rear rubber passenger door seal dropped off! And had to be replaced. When he took it thirty odd miles for them to do it they’d ordered the driver’s side back door seal so he had to go back two weeks later to get it replaced. Kadjar owners can update their R-link system using computer and memory stick. Land Rover Discovery Sport owners have to go to their dealer regardless. Remember please that the Disco Sport costs more than 10k than the top Kadjar. Regardless of these ‘niggles’ he loves it. And it just goes to show that all cars have their problems. And, no, I am not new to this forum. I usually prefer just to read other’s comments.
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    Kadjar Take Two... Awesome!

    Hi Folks I wanted to share my good news with all of you, you may remember about 9 weeks ago I posted a discussion about how disappointed we were with our new Kadjar, taking on your advice I rejected the vehicle after owning it just 24hours which turned out to be 100% the right thing to do. At the time GoodDeal from this forum contacted me after reading my post offering to help source a replacement Kadjar. I'm pleased to say he did at a much better price than my local dealer or any CarWow website search quote I'd been offered. If anyone is considering buying a new Kadjar I would strongly recommend you contact GoodDeal (Richard) who really exceeded our expectations. Our new Kadjar Signature S Auto arrived at our front door yesterday morning delivered free of charge in pristine condition! All thanks to GoodDeal who's name definitely reflects the professional service he offers [emoji4] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    technical manual workshop

    This prove enough? I'm not selling it... Provide me an FTP and I will uploaded ISO images. For comunity... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Checklist when collecting the car ?

    When I collected it they had a sign with my name on next to the car- I was embarrassed!! But it was also nice I asked where the cd player was- the salesman was a lovely young chap and kindly told me that cds are old and not on this car as it is modern!! I have connected my iphone though and made phone calls and have Planet Rock on the DAB, so I am happy. I don't want anyone to get in my car and spoil it. I feel like telling people they will have to remove their shoes beforehand
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    Basically use common sense. Car is brand new, so take your time inspecting it. My checklist went along the lines of: Paint work and all over general aesthetics on the build in good order and shut lines consistent Internal trim. All clean and no scratches Squeaks and creaks Under car quick check Under bonnet all clean and clipped in place Check rlink version number for latest version Confirm all recall updates installed with dealer Dealer runs through all main features Under boot floor for spare wheel or sealer kit All paperwork, manuals etc. 4 year warranty and road side assistance all documented 20 mile drive local to dealer once I left in case I was noticing anything that was not visible on the forecourt during pickup Mats in the footwells, plus the free oil and full tank of fuel Mileage is only delivery mielage (mine was 8 miles on the clock) Both keys work Any questions I had discussed with dealer Smile on my face? Drive off before dealer realises car I was trading in was falling apart There are some other basics, but my main aspects were all paperwork was run through and in good order, all systems worked and there was no damage to the exterior or interior and all things work as you expect. Enjoy picking it up, I was like a cild in a sweet shop, but made sure I was grown up and practical to ensure it was as I had discussed with the dealer and as expected as I used carwow and the dealer was 130 miles away half way between where I live and my folks so picked up on a journey to visit and going back is a 2 hour pain in the bum trip etc. It did, however, give me chance of a nice shake down drive on a roads, motorways and back lanes, so I came away from the first 100 mile drive, plus 250 return trip 2 days later, with a good shake down and happy face, and very happy I still had half a tank of fuel in the car !!
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    I think this article sums up this forum but sums up many more too. http://coffeetime.wikidot.com/the-problem-with-forums-part1 Happy reading[emoji2] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  33. 7 points

    Lord of the Kadjar

  34. 7 points

    Delivery dates?

    Collected my Signature Nav (1.5 DCI) this morning so can now pass comments as an official owner. Very happy so far. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    For what it is worth here's how I see it, 1) The forum is 100% for all members to air their views on a given subject good or bad, please remain on-topic, if a thread is regarding a faulty alarm then please keep to talking about the faulty alarm etc, if another issue is bothering you please use that thread (Or start a new one) to talk about it, I have stated this countless times before. 2) When replying to a thread/post I have noticed that some people seem to often sign off with a comment about other members, does this need to happen? if so please enlighten me why. 3) This forum is certainly not run by anybody from Renault in fact most discussions here contain Kadjar faults and none have been removed or will be. Oh I am sorry, I did remove one such discussion as it was in reply to a new member introduction and if anybody thinks that is the correct place to start complaining about anything never mind a Kadjar then please feel free to discuss this with me via PM 4) Apart from the above, no post as ever been (Or will be) removed for complaining about Renault, only swearing and personal insults. 5) To my knowledge, no members have been hounded out of the forum, in fact previous members who have left because they have purchased another vehicle and this is a Renault Kadjar Forum, where very capable of holding their own in a discussion and did not strike me as the type to give in and be hounded out of anywhere in fact they would be welcome back at any time to discuss the Kadjar. I happen to run many car and motorcycle forums and am well aware of the benefits including getting important technical issues etc sorted that should quite frankly not arise with the money people spend these days. they should however be a family friendly environment for all and not a place for a virtual dust-up. So please continue to criticise Renault when criticism is due and complain about faulty issues where applicable but could we also put a stop to baiting other members (Leave that to Twitter) On a more positive note I have noticed that the swearing seems to have died down Feel free to criticise me too if I need it, I have very thick skin. Continue to enjoy the forum. Andy
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    Relieved new owner.

    Hi all, Had my new Dynamiqe Nav 1.5d auto (black) for just over a week now. It's a company car and was ordered about 4 months ago, with parking sensors (company insist on this) and the convenience pack as extras. I've been following this forum since I ordered the car and must admit was a little apprehensive about whether I had made the right choice? As, there does seem to be more negative opinions than positive? However, so far so good, no issues with anything. Was very concerned about the sat nav, as I use this a lot, but so far it's been very reliable. Mine does have the car play/android auto, but not used it yet, prefer to use 'in built' sat nav. Very happy with my choice, it's a real pleasure to drive.......
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    Halfords Touch up Pen

    Just walked into nearest halfords and they now finally have the flame red touch up pens £11.99 for the 3 pen set Ade Never Tepid or Cold Kadjar Sig Nav (Red)
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    Hi all, just taken delivery today of my new automatic Kadjar Signature S nav in titanium....love it so far! Enjoying the forum too! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    LED fog lights (how to)

    Once you have gain access you'll be able to see the back of the lamp Unclip the plug then turn the bulb 90 degrees anti clockwise to release Remove the bulb an fit the new one remembering to locate 90 degrees anti clockwise until it locates in the hole then lock in by turning clockwise the connector should end up facing down Refit the connector, refit the trims and screws Not a good photo but one done Before After Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    R Link problem?

    The phone features on the Rlink are there to make it easier and legal to use your phone for a kick off. It is also a feature that has been advertised and used to sell the car and is a part of the price paid for the vehicle and should work. I certainly don't consider my phone a fashion item, as it is actually part and parcel of my job. I don't know about everyone else but I can drive and talk fine. (Do some people drive and to concentrate need to insist on complete silence including the radio off)? Seems an odd argument that it is ok as it doesn't affect the 'drive' and is therefore OK not to work properly? If the boot didn't open would that be OK too? I understand some people struggle to get features to work because they might not be IT consultants, but that is what the forums are for, aren't they? I always take car issues with a pinch of salt anyway, as any new car can have a few issues. I know people who have spent an awful lot more money and had some horrendous problems with their cars ( Jaguar/ Land Rover I'm looking at you 😊). It doesnt mean everyone will get them. I cerainly wouldn't get rid of a car because of a software issue, I would simply annoy Renault till it was fixed, if they can't fix the issue and the car was sold to me stating those features (that I may have based my buying decision on), then who knows? I have a separate hands free kit at the moment but it is untidy and not brilliant, I have a seperate Sat Nav (more wires but works fine) but I ordered a car that I didn't have to keep emptying out/hiding these items, so some scrote didn't put my window through. It costs more money for the Nav edition and expect it's extra features to work. Simple. How well it works, however is up for debate 😂, but is something that can be fixed with software updates and will probably (hopefully) improve with time.
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    Our new Kadjar all shiny!!!

    Picked up our Kadjar on Saturday and thought I would share some pics whilst nice a shiny!!
  42. 6 points

    The car is being collected now

    The ninjar (that's my name for it ) is final home after being on order from 17 Jan till today Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Late delivery

  44. 6 points

    Kadjar Sighting Game

    Nice first meeting of the Kadjar owners despite the gloomy weather in Sofia.
  45. 6 points

    My Car is ready

    There it is, with me in it
  46. 6 points

    Electric Windows

    Pity they aren't lit so you can see what you're pressing
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    Delivery dates?

    So I've picked it up this morning and driven 100 miles and my first impressions are that it is a punchy little petrol engine. It is very responsive and quiet much better than they make out in the reviews and I'm liking it very much[emoji3][emoji106] so glad I went for the black it looks really smart I saw a blue one the other day and I really didn't like it but each to their own! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Top gear and Sun motors top cars of the year Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Delivery dates?

    Picked up my Signature Nav 1.6 4WD on Thursday 31.12.16. What a lovely car it looks amazing and you drives superb. We went for Glacier White with Premium parking pack, sidesteps for the kids and illuminated sills and towbar. With the Xenon lights all the extras set the car off nicely in my opinion. Have attached some pics below even though they don't do the car justice.
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    My Petrol 1.2 TCe

    Just picked up my 1.2TCe Signature. Very pleased. I had a Captur TCe before, and i'm very happy with the 'upgrade'. The engine seems a bit smoother and copes better with the vehicles weight. The interior is obviously a higher standard as well. I can't really say i've found anything to fault it so far.