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    17" winter tyres. Will never go back to 19"

    Just bought a set of wheels for the winter. Good Year Ultra Grip Performance SUV 215/60 R17. Went for 17" instead of the 19" the car was delivered with. What a difference! What a soft ride! I guess I'll never go back to 19" ;-) I even think the car looks better now... Probably some of you won't agree, so let's leave it at that. I'm happy, at least!
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    You can see the two connectors on this one The screen is held in a plastic frame, below the screen the frame is secured by just two screws T20, remove these, use a magnetic bit or else if you drop them they disappear in to the black abiss. Right hand screw Left hand screw Once these are out a tug on the frame will release the top clips and the screen can be eased carefully out, again two plugs in the back one is a data cable. Once out of the way the main unit can be seen in the back, approx standard din size but mounted vertically Connections are at the top, and it's on a clip system quit possible the same as the screen, couple of screws and it may tilt out. As for replacing it I wouldn't try, it's to far integrated. With some serious chopping. Interesting enough there is a date on the unit I think it was Jan 16, register the car in June/July, so that's 6 months from build!! Next project 'how to retrieve the dropped screw'!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    As in the diagram from 1964, use a trim removal tool insert into the slot on the underside of the panel, its fairly deep, use the tool to pull towards yourself giving sharp tugs until the clips release. Once started use your fingers to ease the rest of the panel off, there are two cables on the back. This gives access to the screen, which looks as though it's held in with four screws, there is NO need to take these out I repeat don't take these out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Nice one thanks, saw this ages ago then haven't been able to find it again thank you Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk