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    Day time running light settings

    Agree or disagree this really is not the place to discuss Brexit.
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    No more Xenophobic posts please

    As above, there have been several posters in the past that fail to conceive that this isn't a "Brit" forum, it's for all Kadjar owners or would be owners to ask for and share info. This trait seems to be being carried on by a certain individual or two. Admin or rather out only remaining mod is embroiled in other stuff otherwise I would have reported several posts that seem to be totally political or provotical and absolutely anti europe. You aren't doing the image of true UK citizens any favours at all, we aren't moving to australasia, europe will still be out trading partner and neighbour, live with it. If you made a wrong decision in your recent choice of car, it isn't the forums fault, try harder next time and leave the garbage out, as in not.
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    Day time running light settings

    But it is the place to discuss general Kadjar stuff, and this is about changes to cars after brexit, specifically here the Kadjar so here's my 2 pennorth, any one who thinks things will change for the UK in regard to car specifics is deluded. Are you going to stop going on foreign holidays, if things change then you do go you will have to retro fit all the UK tailored bits to comply with EU regulations. Bur the main thing is 99% of EU car legislation is absolute solid common sense so brexit or no brexit there should be no beef.
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    Day time running light settings

    Heartfelt agreement from me . Personally I think of myself as European of UK origin , specifically Welsh . Being part of Europe never took away my Welsh identity , but now they want to take away my European identity without my consent . If I were a young man , I'd probably relocate to Europe now before it's too late . But father time has put paid to that . Mind you , if we align ourselves with Trump's USA , I may yet become another migrant to Europe
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    Day time running light settings

    I'm sorry to go off topic, but this is too much blindness - at least 50% of the goods you're buying will remain the same, but it would cost More and you would Not have the right to make the rules because you'll be out of the managing board. How stupid is that? Instead of being part of the rules making and mastering, you'll have to obey and consider all your partners. Smart heh?