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    Day time running light settings

    I have stopped using auto lights for the following reason. There is a railway bridge near me, only just length of a bus, & the auto lights setting will turn the dipped headlights on , during the day, then go off as I exit the bridge after 25m. There is a minor side junction on my left at 30m from the exit of the bridge & vehicles have repeatedly pulled out in front of me in thinking ( incorrectly) that I have flashed my Kadjar lights and thinking (incorrectly) that this means anything other than 'I am here' ( just like a car horn is meant to convey). This is on my usual route from home & has only happened in the Kadjar with auto lights. I think the front DRLs are a good idea & it is an EU directive now anyway & agree that it is probably best to have no rear DRLs as these may ,as others say, mean the brake lights coming on are not as noticeable during the day.I have no doubt that many people have full competance in modifying things as I do myself. As long as any changes you make dont fall foul of the ' construction & use regulations' that might possibly invalidate insurance, which is much more serious than invalidating any warranty some people are worried about. ( Not me).
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    Day time running light settings

    Yes I agree with you, I was too harsh and I’d like to apologise to Robgcoll for landing that comment as a reply, just not me. I try to help folk, like I do every day I’m at work. I’ve even been to owners places to help fit things, run a few cables etc.
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    Smartphone mirroring in pre-May vehicles

    Bluetooth 1.0 ver 0.0