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    my kadjar

    here is my Kadjar, 1.2 petrol dynamic (is like sat nav ), color beige dune.
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    my kadjar

    I have the same colour 😎 And love it .. enjoy 😊
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    LED fog lights (how to)

    Great advise - thank you all above. One thing to add to foglight bulb changing - you need to remove the connector before rotating the bulb anti clock wise or I found it wont come out - the connector must catch on something. Once I did this all good. You were right to say do nearside one first to get more room to see the job, then use 'muscle memory' to do the off side one which is obscured by the washer bottle. I just removed the wheel arch liner 3 screws: bottom screw, and then inside edge lowest and one above.The wheel arch liner can be bent carefully to get an arm in - but it has a sharp edge to it so I used a rolled up cloth to protect my arm when wearing a T shirt. The fog light bulbs from Ebay you linked are a good colour match to the factory DRLs and the full LED headlights I have on the Sig Nav S model I have ( 1.2TCE EDC) .
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    J C

    4WD version tyre types

    Hi. ROXY1234 as you say tread depth in an ideal world best same but also do not forget different tyres / makes have a different rolling radius for same size of tyre that is to say different revolutions per mile so could in theory upset 4x4 but I suspect this was all taken into account on that drawing board , will I think be more of a problem in locked 4x4??? JC😎😎🥃🥃