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    Kadjar Star Wars Advert

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    Thanks, I knew there was a reason for such a simple fix, and why no one was doing it LOL
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    And what would you buy? Name a brand, where things work differently... Why would you need to see street names? Just enter the place you want to go and follow the instructions. In a matter of fact, we've got some Kadjar taxis, though there are quite a few taxis in general in our austrian town of 60 000 people . I promise to take a picture and post it here, the next time I see one.
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    My May 16 Kadjar is still on maps version Q3 2015, now over 18 months out of date. Like an idiot I paid £55 for an extra 12 months map updates which was sold as providing "at least 2 updates per year". Where are the updates Renault? The system is woefully inadequate and even more out of date. My android phone does a better job with map updates at least quarterly and no more that £20 for lifetime updates! Rlink-2 is the same technology so why so out of date. I've also read that the system is to be upgraded in the near future to include Android Auto and Apple Connect, but only for new vehicles! So current Renault owners get two fingers. Not on, seriously bad and stupid marketing. Renault could do themselves a lot of harm with this. May I suggest it is about time we neglected and ignored Rlink2 users start flexing our voices and typing fingers in order to very publicly bombard Renault and their dealerships with complaints.