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    R-link 2

    Why would anyone want to enter the Development Mode, and if it allows changes to be made, and all it needs is one wrong press and BINGO you RLInk is kaput and out of warranty and your are landed with a mega charge from Renault to fix it. Just my opinion.
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    J C

    R-link 2

    Hi Yes same as above updated ok but can’t see any difference at the moment other than sat nav as above JC. 😎😎πŸ₯ƒπŸ₯ƒ
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    Get the Logfiles from R-Link2

    Are you interested what your Kadjar does when you push the start button? It's easy: just create on your Fat32 USB stick a folder named after your R-Link version, in my case logfiles_mm2014 and inside another folder called logging So the path on the root of the USB stick is logfiles_mm2014/logging If you put the USB stick in the car before starting the car you will end up - after having started the engine and keep it running for some minutes - with 4 folders inside of the folder logfiles_mm2014: