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    Hi there, I've been following this forum for a bit, whilst I've been deciding on getting a Kadjar or a Megane. They both have pros and cons and are very similar in many ways, but I finally chose the Megane for the bigger touchscreen, quieter cabin and exterior design. I think they are both great cars and highly underrated, and I will continue to follow and contribute to the forum if my experience of the Megane can help in any way. Thanks, Ben
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    J C


    Hi Yes hope you enjoy your new car and all useful information is more than welcome here 👍😀 JC😎😎🥃🥃
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    First Kadjar - rural France

    Thanks John - the link to the handbook is useful! Not seen any reference to Apple CarPlay, but that would be nice! I’ll be having more of a look after the weekend and looking forward to learning lots. Thansk again.
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    To be honest I think the only reason I still hang around here is in the mistaken belief that Renault will man up and say "sorry guys, our cars aren't perfect but what can we do to help" (an action that will restore my belief in humanity, and that the fairy king is working in Renault customer relations) However I am renowned for talking total bollox, this post is a prime example. Hang on, a pink elephant?, with a Renault emblem on its forehead? That's more believable.
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    Watch out for those flying pigs
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    No Benny Hill is alive and well driving a 1951 Hillman Minx
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    Rear view mirror

    Do what most BMW drivers do and don't bother looking in the mirror, that should fix it,