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    Door lock/unlock button

    I’ve not replaced the button but I’m sure they are available on eBay. I put LEDs in the handles. Are you sure it’s the button, if the car can’t see the card it won’t work, like JC says if the the card has a low battery it becomes intermittent. Also if it’s close to a mobile phone this can sometimes swamp the signal. it should be covered under warranty as JC said as well.
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    How do you use start stop feature?

    You'll have to ask my Latin teacher that , unless I'm mistaken and it was the Aenid , it was a very long time ago . Greek would have been more useful to me , seeing as I love the place and people ....Yamas
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    Fuel economy

    1.6 dci - today we made 600 km in extreme traffic and traffic jams in the austrian and italian Alps (Villach-Kitzbuhel-Insbruck-Bruneck-Villach). No ECO mode, 4 people in car (275-300 kg approximately). Final readings - 56.5 mpg (5.0 l/100km). Best reading so far for such conditions (including 30-40 km urban). About 60-70 km with a start-stop traffic and speed of maximum 10 km/h.
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    Sad. Car now looks like rice powah... I have 2 19"sets; winter and summer and there is no money to switch to 17"... When I Will have wish for offroad then I will use 16" steel wheels with off-road tyres on it. Otherwise 19" all the way... I have an oppurtunity to test Kadyar with both tyres fixed (17" and19") and expirience was far better with 19". Also handling of car, stability, entry speed in curve... Even comodity was not significant better with 17" to weight on it side. But this is mine subjective viewing and feeling.
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    Anti- Slip Facility

    That part number is from Renault Dialogys spare parts catalogy which shows that it is the switch.