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    Newbie in France

    Hi everyone We bought our Kadjar a few months ago here in France, where we live (near to Le Mans of the 24hr car race fame). Our Kadjar is a 1.5 diesel model, automatic with all the gizmos on it, rear camera, blind spot monitoring, etc etc. It's in the nice metallic red colour which has caused a stir amongst our French friends who call it 'flashy' ! Its our 4th Renault overall, we've previously had a Laguna, Saffrane and a Renault 16 with column change ! Initial impressions are it is very good, comfortable and relaxing to drive, especially on the long journeys on the motorways here.
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    Getting a kadjar (hopefully)

    Thanks for replys we went and had a look and family fell in love with it so going back today to place order for one in red estimated delivery is March 2018 tho buy the looks of it it will be worth the wait tho