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    Electric Drivers Seat Adjustments

    A case of "the same but different", . I didn't try a version with electric seats, didn't get the option, but then again there is rarely anyone but me drives the car so adjustment elecs would be largely unused.
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    Electric Drivers Seat Adjustments

    The opposite, but then again not ;-) The point I tried to make, was that I also found the adjustment positions in the electric seat different from the manual one.
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    Keyless car theft

    At the end of the day it's the prestige and sporty cars are generally the target , so I wouldn't worry too much about a Quashqai clone ( no offence intended )
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    Take care! Water in Kadjar's doors!

    I had water/excessive moisture in BOTH HEADLIGHTS (plus body panels out of alignment) in a 5 HOUR OLD CAR!! ....& the Renault main dealer where I got it from refused point blank to even look at it!.Bastards! I've heard of dipping ones headlights ..but never having to use a dipstick to check the levels . As it's winter, should I have used anti freeze in my "headlamp fluid"???....or will that be harmful to the goldfish that I've kept in there