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    Tire Pressure Warnings

    To be fair though, most people with Kadjars drive them so far within safe handling limits that those fairly small small pressure fluctuations are neither here nor there. I am one such! Got my first pressure warning this week in the morning cold but even then, it had only dropped by 2 or 3 psi in the 8 months since I bought it - partly due to the cold weather and parking it outside. I doubt if I'll need to top up the air again before the Springtime. Of course, if I'd bought it in a heatwave the drop in a cold snap would have been greater - and always remember, air is made up of 78% nitrogen anyway and still expands and contracts in heat/cold.
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    Terrible Continental Tyres!

    The original 19" continentals fitted to my 1.6 dci wore out at around 13k miles and were atrocious in all conditions (They must pay for reviews, having had several RenaultSports with the exact same issues). After much research I have replaced them with Pirelli Scorpion Verde and I must say the wet/dry traction/handling difference is night and day. They were £160 a tyre. Let's see how long they last. Initial signs are very positive as they still have the surface markings on the rubber after 1k.
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    Tire Pressure Warnings

    it was, also when topping up the tire with my compressor it showed in real time the pressure increasing to 2.3bar and tha what was on my compressor as well
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    Tire Pressure Warnings

    Are you sure it's not the cold weather ? I used to have the same when the temperature got around freezing .
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    Terrible Continental Tyres!

    I've just had Budget tyres fitting to the Front £80 each no where near as noisy as the continentals and no difference to handling! Tyres changed a 17k lets see how long these last.
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    Tire Pressure Warnings

    On my Kadjar the setting shows locating tyres. I have only had my Kadjar 2017 since May and the r-link has forgotten already that I have one on each corner.😂😂😂😂