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    Potential 2017 Kadjar Advice

    "5. Does R-Link allow screen mirroring of the phone, so i can project google maps or is it just wireless file sharing crap? I just googled Renault videos and website information but its all crap and doesn't really convey very well its key features. " Yes, you can mirror for example Google maps on the R-link screen on Kadjars built after May 2017. So if you buy a stock car, be sure to check manufacture date. A pre- May R-link is bound to drive you crazy due to many things, where completely outdated maps are the worst concern.
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    Potential 2017 Kadjar Advice

    Since May this year, we have a Kadjar TCe130 EDC (Petrol, automatic) Night & Day edition - (most of the stuff excluding panorama roof, back camera and Bose sound, but including 19 inch wheels, full leather, 360 degrees parking sensors, lane depart warning, speed sign recognition, heated front window, walk away lock, auto folding mirrors, led lights). We hesitated a lot about the allegedly "weak" engine, since we had no chance to test drive it, but I am very pleased with it. It accelerates good enough, changes gears very smoothly and has the extra benefit of manual shifting, which is excellent going up or down steep mountains. Very pleased with everything except the catastrophic R-link2-system. But if you buy a new car built after May 17, you should get a much improved version. Also I would not have choosen the 19 inch wheels (bumpy and expensive once they should be replaced), but there was no choice on this version. I am rather tall (187 centimeters, whatever that might be in feet and inches ;-) ) and I sit very, very comfortably in the Kadjar (as opposed to the Quashqai). Also, the legroom in the back seat is quite adequate. Fuel economy ok, even if not fantastic. See enclosed (sorry it's in liters per 100 kilometers). Haven't used the Eco mode. The stop-start system works perfect. All in all a very nice car so far.
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    Potential 2017 Kadjar Advice

    We’ve had our 1.2 (manual) Kadjar for 2 months and think it’s great, it may be “not rocket” but a small petrol engine with turbo increases its revs rapidly, you get maximum torque at just 2,000 revs, and it feels fast [compared to a non-turbo engine] If the “Best possible mpg” is high on your list of priorities, then I’m not sure I would chose a 1.2 petrol Kadjar. Honest John’s website gives an insight into real mpg figures for cars: https://www.honestjohn.co.uk/realmpg The Renault Captur, which is slightly bigger than a Fiesta, but smaller than a Kadjar will save you money to buy, and on fuel costs. For something nearly Kadjar sized, the Honda HRV will possibly be dearer than the Kadjar [depends on spec of course] but will save you an awful lot on fuel – but is still fast enough to join a motorway via the slip-road safely. {I reckon a 0-62 mph of 11 seconds or less is needed for that} Until we bought the Kadjar, the mpg we got from every petrol-engine-car was about the same as the official “Urban” figure. With the Kadjar it’s ~ 10 mpg less – a big shock! We also got ~ 10 mpg less from our last car, a turbo-diesel, so now reckon it’s the Turbo that spoils the rule. Fortunately we don’t do a lot of miles!
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    Potential 2017 Kadjar Advice

    We have a 66 plate Sig Nav tce 130 Auto. Your car will have walk away locking and auto fold mirrors which ours doesn't. You will also have a much improved R-Link infotainment system - look at the posts on here re R-Link for more info. For us the pano roof doesn't cause a problem, I suppose it depends on the height of your rear seat passengers. The auto box is smooth after you move above 1st gear - I cannot feel up or down shifts. Low speed manoeuvres take a bit of practice. I assume you know that the box is dry dual clutch device. As far as Renault support is concerned - people on here have some horror stories mainly regarding the R-Link system. I believe Dealers suffer Renault rather than enjoy them. Yes the 19" tyres can be harsh and noisy on some surfaces, but perhaps no more than others with a 45% aspect ratio. Any more questions, please ask. Paul.