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    May be of use to some people - apologies if it's been posted before (i'm a newbie!) - but lists all the accessories you can get along with fitting instructions and part numbers.... I particularly like the shark fin aerial idea.... Renault accessories
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    Problem connecting to media

    I had trouble with the media on my iPhone 6s Plus but that was because I was connecting to the USB and Bluetooth if I only connect to Bluetooth then all is good and if I only connect to USB all is good but if I connect to both nothing hope this helps Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hello i thinking

    So far I've tried every method possible with the exception of driving the car hard, but recently I've been driving with fuel monitor set to instantaneous readout, it does appear that top gear is a waste of fuel under60mph on the flat. My eco score is better with the eco button off, I have not seen less than 80, usually 84, best 90, I don't think it's my driving style to be honest
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    william john


    Yes you can, but it gives everyone something to do when there is rubbish on tv.