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    Another Turbo Gone

    Turbo blown last week on my 130bhp 1.6 diesel. Doing sales rep miles so have done 43K in 14 months but it's not missed a beat until now and was proving to be 10 times better than the Sportage it replaced. Been super in pretty much every way to date and local dealer excellent. As per the other thread on this issue I drove for a day before reporting the whistling noise as it was barely noticable to start, and Renault Breakdown sent the RAC straight round - their guy though was not 100% it was the turbo as there was a noise when revs were coming down as well as when accelerating. Was told it OK to run into local dealer in Shrewsbury only 10 minutes away but they've confirmed the worst - turbo shot and new engine required - 3 to 4 week job. Had already sorted a hire vehicle so pootling round in a Hyundao i40 for now - Renault picking up the tab, but can't wait to get the Kadjar back as the i40's not a patch on it.................
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    TowBar for the weekend

    Thank you so much Daren. I hadn't the confidence to prod things in case I knackered the led circuits. I fee, much better now. Thanks again mate. Sent from my SM-T533 using Tapatalk
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    Awaiting delivery....a few questions

    If it has been sitting for a while and you have the LED headlights make sure the moisture does go without leaving streaks inside the units. I had auto fold/locking on my scenic but dont miss not having it on this car. I just push the fold button inside before getting out and buy locking car using button on door - makes me happy that it is actually locked! Im sure you will enjoy it when you get it, but in no doubt will have some other questions too. Keep us posted [emoji106] Ade Never Tepid or Cold Kadjar Sig Nav (Red)
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    That Renault bruised feeling

    Sounds about right, £10 puncture, £36 Tpm, labour £80 / hour Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk