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    Got AA on the way. Fingers crossed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    fuel economy question

    I found putting ECO mode on made it use more fuel, likely because I was longer on the throttle, but also I drive to the engine tone rather then the leaves, find it gives better return As for the full tank. Totally agree on the weight being carried. Paying for fuel to carry fuel around and all that. I just hate fuel stations so I usually brim it :-)
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    fuel economy question

    I appreciate what you say about a full tank and it's true . I found in a year's driving my average was about 56 mpg and rarely let the tank run more than half empty . I also found that I'd get better fuel economy by ignoring the ECO scores and driving normally i.e. holding on to a gear longer than the car advised . The reason for this method is, living in a hilly area , if I followed the instruction to change up it would almost immediately advise me to change down . My ECO score was around mid 70s to 80 normally . I achieved a 100 once but , in all honesty , you can't drive that way in modern traffic . You probably found the 1.6 QQ better because it didn't need to work as hard as the 1.5 . I did toy with going for the 1.6 but reviews said it was noisy and , having had 1.5 Dci previously , I knew it was a good reliable engine
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    fuel economy question

    Yes it is being added to my salary so there are no issues there! Thanks though!
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    fuel economy question

    Swiss, that is an incredible return off a full tank. If I can get that it would save me a considerable amount in fuel costs. We have recently moved office and so, my employer is paying our fuel costs for the difference in travel between our old office and new office, so I am getting around £70 a month for the extra fuel. The less I spend the more I get to bank I guess!
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    Are Renault Givin Up On R Link ?

    I must be pretty odd then, I like the R-Link in my Kadjar. I like my Kadjar even more than that! Why are folk complaining about Renault? That's an honest question, I don't have a problem at all. I've had my Kadjar for nearly twelve months and wouldn't trade it for owt! Well, maybe a four wheel drive version but that's just me.......