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    Kadjar Take Two... Awesome!

    Hi Folks I wanted to share my good news with all of you, you may remember about 9 weeks ago I posted a discussion about how disappointed we were with our new Kadjar, taking on your advice I rejected the vehicle after owning it just 24hours which turned out to be 100% the right thing to do. At the time GoodDeal from this forum contacted me after reading my post offering to help source a replacement Kadjar. I'm pleased to say he did at a much better price than my local dealer or any CarWow website search quote I'd been offered. If anyone is considering buying a new Kadjar I would strongly recommend you contact GoodDeal (Richard) who really exceeded our expectations. Our new Kadjar Signature S Auto arrived at our front door yesterday morning delivered free of charge in pristine condition! All thanks to GoodDeal who's name definitely reflects the professional service he offers [emoji4] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Kadjar Take Two... Awesome!

    Great news great colour.
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    Kadjar Take Two... Awesome!

    Great News enjoy the new kadjar
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    Speed camera updates since did my recall

    Thanks .. I photographed that, might remember to look tomorrow . Mean while tell Cat , time for hanky panky later ;-) ... Running a cross the key board in stilettos indeed !!!
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    Alarms again (good news... I think)

    Or maybe Renault London
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    Kadjar Take Two... Awesome!

    Excellent well done enjoy