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    Fuel economy

    I can only speak for eco mode in my van, as I have not tried it in my car yet, but I only gain an additional 2 to 3 miles a gallon with the van diesel engine. Also use the start/stop function more which might help
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    Fuel economy

    Mine, which has the same engine as yours, is averaging around 33 mpg which has involved town and rural driving. The engine high rev is due to the hill start assist, my van also does it. I have not tried mine in eco mode yet which might improve economy very slightly
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    Going to follow up the boot liner on Monday
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    Passenger footwell soaked

    Quick update. The air con outlet tube has a lug on it. The rubber drain tube has a big slot in it to go over the lug. Very loose and poor design. Hard to reach but pulled off and reseated. Fingers crossed. Will update when air con has big useage.
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    Eco score is about 65/100 fuel is 30mpg town driving 40mpg motorway, (1.2 Tce) don't use Eco mode, stop start only seems to work occasionally.