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    Just realised this morning that lane or road edge warning don't function in the dark, 10 out of 10 for observancy on my part then.
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    Take care! Water in Kadjar's doors!

    I had water/excessive moisture in BOTH HEADLIGHTS (plus body panels out of alignment) in a 5 HOUR OLD CAR!! ....& the Renault main dealer where I got it from refused point blank to even look at it!.Bastards! I've heard of dipping ones headlights ..but never having to use a dipstick to check the levels . As it's winter, should I have used anti freeze in my "headlamp fluid"???....or will that be harmful to the goldfish that I've kept in there
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    cpl jones


    Update had the centre console apart this weekend and any plastic to plastic had tape applied in between also where the catches locate in the glove box tape applied,much quieter than before,only took a couple of hours.Big Thanks to Mac for the initial pictures great help,any questions please ask.
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    Tire Pressure Warnings

    To be fair though, most people with Kadjars drive them so far within safe handling limits that those fairly small small pressure fluctuations are neither here nor there. I am one such! Got my first pressure warning this week in the morning cold but even then, it had only dropped by 2 or 3 psi in the 8 months since I bought it - partly due to the cold weather and parking it outside. I doubt if I'll need to top up the air again before the Springtime. Of course, if I'd bought it in a heatwave the drop in a cold snap would have been greater - and always remember, air is made up of 78% nitrogen anyway and still expands and contracts in heat/cold.
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    Keyless car theft

    At the end of the day it's the prestige and sporty cars are generally the target , so I wouldn't worry too much about a Quashqai clone ( no offence intended )
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    Terrible Continental Tyres!

    I've just had Budget tyres fitting to the Front ยฃ80 each no where near as noisy as the continentals and no difference to handling! Tyres changed a 17k lets see how long these last.
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    Keyless car theft

    If you "Deadlock" a Kadjar [e.g using 2 x rapid presses of the lock button on the Key-Card] then hands-free-unlocking is deactivated [section 1.12 of handbook] Deadlocking will prevent the car being stolen this way and also prevent someone opening a door using the handle inside after breaking a window.
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    J C

    Hi From HK

    Hi Not sure why you got a kj if so many things you don't like and bye the way auto door lock is on kj but it can be turned on or off in r link ๐Ÿค” as many other features are ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค” Anyway hope you enjoy your Kia ''tis a good motor ๐Ÿค”but not as good as our 4x4 RED KADJAR ๐Ÿ˜€ JC. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
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    I donโ€™t want to tempt fate but I must be one of the lucky ones..... Had my Kadjey since Feb โ€˜16 , now on 26k and itโ€™s been faultless. R-Link is fine, Sat Nav done itโ€™s job when needed, Comfortable to drive...... AND ...... my windows clear outside rain on them by opening and closing them no problem ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™‚๏ธ Not really annoyed by anything on it. As I said ... I must be one of the lucky ones and wouldnโ€™t hesitate to get another one in a couple of years.
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    This is not too bad I think there is considerably more difficulty in getting this enabled on the R-Link 2 as it's a newer system compared to R-link 1 (tighter restrictions maybe). They're both Android based though. I think given some time it will be possible but just depends on if people are willing to bypass Renault and install this mod. It will definitely solve all the woes of using the R-link outdated sat nav maps. Thats why I'm not bothering with the R-link 2.18xxx etc. it's all just minor updates compared to having Android auto.
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    Smartphone mirroring in pre-May vehicles

    I just had a problem with my Kadjar (by the way water can easily enter in your door. If you have there some electronic parts, like a relay for auto folding your mirrors you must be sure they can work submerged) and I had some time to talk with the dealer and the mechanic. The dealer: "you are the first customer complaining about R Link 2. We have hundreds of satisfied customers." The mechanic: "Everybody is complaining about this R Link 2. Is it really so bad?" ๐Ÿ˜
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    Renualt telling lies???

    Says it all about Renault's attitude towards customers . Don't deliver on the promises that help sell the car and give them a couple of quid to shut them up
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    R-Link completely dead

    I don't think mines going to die, but it does stand an odds on chance of being killed if it doesn't work as it should.
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    J C

    New member

    Hi Yes it is for pollution coming in from outside suspect if you go to rural area it will show ok . Now as to smell may be clutch or brakes , has to be said most clutch issues are down to driver, now that said if you have had difficult hill start and slipped clutch for a while to get moving you may get a bad smell from clutch and it can linger for a while if clutch is working ok and not slipping you may well be ok and I personally would not let Renault pull it in bits and chance paying for it unless they are definitely calling it warranty work ๐Ÿค” JC ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿฅƒ
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    Look what trailer my Kadji tow...

    Yes, it's from 1961. They were built on the Dauphine Gordini chassis.
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    Hi, new member here <waves>

    My test drive was in a Signature and the Dynamique S Nav spec I'm getting is pretty much what I have in the Zoe so I'm expecting it to all be good, had a cheesy grin on my face all the way round the test drive ha ha. I'm used to driving bigger cars anyway, the Zoe was the smallest I've had since my first car 20 years ago (that was a Nissan Micra) - since then I've been through a Primera, a Mondeo, a Mazda 6, 2 Octavia's and the Zoe, this'll be my first crossover/4x4 sized car though. My first impression from sitting in the Kadjar (the exact one as I'm having the showroom model) is of so much space up front, the Zoe is surprisingly tardis-like but compromised on rear passenger space with where the front seats sit for taller people (I'm 5ft10 and I wouldn't want to sit behind me lol). Boot size is on the Kadjar is impressive and I like the split floor idea, never had that before. I'll report back on the drive once I've had a few days in it. Steve
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    Oct 17 Map Update

    I give up ! updated my Maps to October 2017 with great excitement only to find the maps are still nowhere near up to date. used a road yesterday which has been open for at least 2 years and and still not on the SAT NAV!
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    Oct 17 Map Update

    1st had the dealer update then download the Map update from Rlink store
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    Warranty issue?

    Agree, it looks like abrasion from over enthusiastic cleaning, I've also seen similar done with a powered polishing mop.
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    Terrible Continental Tyres!

    The original 19" continentals fitted to my 1.6 dci wore out at around 13k miles and were atrocious in all conditions (They must pay for reviews, having had several RenaultSports with the exact same issues). After much research I have replaced them with Pirelli Scorpion Verde and I must say the wet/dry traction/handling difference is night and day. They were ยฃ160 a tyre. Let's see how long they last. Initial signs are very positive as they still have the surface markings on the rubber after 1k.
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    Warranty issue?

    first thing they will say its been done by a pressure washer so its your own fault. please state the handbook does not state not to wash wheels with a pressure washer then its a defective coating and there fault they should order a new wheel. had something similar with honda
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    I tried the Nissan version of each, ie Qashqai V X Trail. Whole different feel with everything that goes with that. IE, it's a proper 4x4and feels much bigger and heavier. The projected fuel economy put me off and that's before Renault or Nissans bloated figures. My decider was that I simply didn't need to haul that much steel around all year round. Given that, I ruled the Koleos out not on it's potential Renault flaws but simply on TYPE.
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    Newbie in France

    Hi everyone We bought our Kadjar a few months ago here in France, where we live (near to Le Mans of the 24hr car race fame). Our Kadjar is a 1.5 diesel model, automatic with all the gizmos on it, rear camera, blind spot monitoring, etc etc. It's in the nice metallic red colour which has caused a stir amongst our French friends who call it 'flashy' ! Its our 4th Renault overall, we've previously had a Laguna, Saffrane and a Renault 16 with column change ! Initial impressions are it is very good, comfortable and relaxing to drive, especially on the long journeys on the motorways here.
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    Getting a kadjar (hopefully)

    Thanks for replys we went and had a look and family fell in love with it so going back today to place order for one in red estimated delivery is March 2018 tho buy the looks of it it will be worth the wait tho
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    Electric Drivers Seat Adjustments

    A case of "the same but different", . I didn't try a version with electric seats, didn't get the option, but then again there is rarely anyone but me drives the car so adjustment elecs would be largely unused.
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    Keyless car theft

    so that's why Renault Renault made such a pigs arse of it, it's a security device or rather a theft deterrent if they've read this forum,
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    Tire Pressure Warnings

    it was, also when topping up the tire with my compressor it showed in real time the pressure increasing to 2.3bar and tha what was on my compressor as well
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    Keyless car theft

    I have this nervous twitch, I get out the car, casually look around trying not to be obvious then walk away from the car surveying everyone in my peripheral. Once round the corner I double back and sneak a view around the corner. Well all apart from the last bit,. I think the deadlock thing would take care of your scanner scammer.
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    "Hyundai-Kia is expanding its electrified vehicle portfolio, planning to have at least 26 hybrids, plug-in hybrids, fully electric and hydrogen fuel cell powered cars by 2020. " The timing might be just about right for you then
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    Keyless car theft

    From what i can gather there's another kind of theft (that involves theft from parked cars) that takes place, whereas when you walk away from your car, a criminal/car thief holds a kind of radio "interceptor" that intercepts & blocks your key details so that when you walk away from your car & it goes ..."Peep Peep" so you may think that it has locked but the tea leaf scumbag waiting nearby has blocked it's details meaning that they can at least open your car & steal it's contents after you have gone. Personally I'm always careful wherever I leave any car & sometimes I'll just go back to it within a couple of minutes to see if it's got any (unwelcome) attention.....& if in any doubt ...I'll just get the hell out of there.
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    That is true, never known a car like it for condensation I will try and keep a note of what other things are running when it is happening and see if there is additional load on the battery thanks for your help
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    Keyless car theft

    Do they do a bigger version for when out "shopping"?.......... As JB, I'd seen something like this before and always deadlock the car, one of the benefits of not having walk away locking fitted.
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    Keyless car theft

    Works for me ...... ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿปhttps://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F162690707422
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    Hi From HK

    And mine was regarding a joke we shared in a different thread, something about finding the perfect car.
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    Hi From HK

    Sorry to bold up your post but this really is the nub of the issue. Almost all cars have a few issues/faults. (Almost all Ulfire, ), It's how the guys that sold you the car react or even how they are instructed to by the supplying manufacturer that cripples many folks view of a specific model or even brand. That's where you and no doubt many others have been let down. Regarding the salesmans comment about folks only going on forums to complain he shouldn't have said, it's inviting conflict. He is however partly right. You can't change human nature, if 9 things are perfect and one less than so, we will complain. I'm sat on the femce in this forum but when I owned the qashqai I set up a running post of my 36 months ownership. It was a car I despised from the 2nd week of ownership do to all the nice bits not working right and it being downright unreliable. I don't thing I had a single favourable thing to say about that car on the forum in over 500 posts, but look at how many people are happy with that car. I have to qualify that to say the running gear and engine/box etc and fuel economy were great, hence the choice of Kadjar next Do I think you are being overly harsh?, yes from here I do, however if it were me I'd probably be spitting feathers too. Good look with your latest choice, I tried the same car and much preferred the Kadjar, so far, touching wood, I'm niggled by a few things but not enough to spoil the car. I do regret buying the 1.5 dci. Should have stuck with the 1,6dci as I had in the qashqai, on higher speed runs it was more economical, blame Renaults wildly optimistic mpg figures for that.
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    Hi From HK

    I've got a Marina Blue one baldyman . It's got lane departure warning which will even nudge the steering automatically if I drift . Like you ,I switch it off . My Kadjar did have auto locking on driving , maybe there was a fault on yours ? It's got loads of other driving aids which I don't really use . All I'm interested in is relaxing , comfortable motoring . It wins on all counts especially on economy returning about 69 mpg though dropping a little in the cold weather . I don't really miss the higher ride at all my all around view is better than the Kadjar .Not missing the Kadjar at all and definitely not missing Renault
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    Take care! Water in Kadjar's doors!

    I believe I warned about this in the past . Renault ,or any other manufacturer , don't need much of an excuse to wriggle out of warranty issues .
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    It terms of fuel saving I'd agree, a lot of my friends and family work for the same company and for about 5 years now the only choice of company car is the Prius, or Lexus from a certain level. My fishing buddy has one, he also bought his previous co car for his wife's use. That's a 2.2 diesel Rav4 and he maintains the prius can only just beat it. He's the smoothest most considerate driver I know so his results are probably the best you could expect. SIL rags his, doesn't come close to what I get from the 1.5dci Kadjar. As it stands my next car will be a 1.6dci Kadjar unless legislation kills that idea, a 1.5dci hybrid sounds way off, the standard 1.5dci without batteries is only just adequate imho in terms of keeping up with traffic. My lazy style of driving makes a diesel car very suitable, but so would cruising on hybrid power, have to wait and see, but like Webbie another kadjar is still a distinct possibility.
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    R link firmware

    Don't worry. There would be probably no next update
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    Blue Dolphin

    Hack the nav files?

    Wish the hell I knew what you guys are doing lol...But good luck ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
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    Hack the nav files?

    WoW just opened the Kadjar files (changed the last three letters to rar) and the similarity to the igo 2017 Quarter 3 sytem files is unreal ? I wonder if the last letters on those files were changed and replaced would it install ? I may just try it Lol .... As lets face it, were not going to get another update off Renault, so they couldn't cry fowl !!! Even if we had another update it would still make it 2 years old Yet the igo are a few weeks old ? No brainer, after all, it can only say error while checking the install files ? Example of the Europe map... Renault one "Albainia.fbl size 4411.00" and the igo one "Albania_HERE_2017.Q3_170728.fbl size 5913.00" Albaniafbl.M5 size 32k the igo Albania_HERE_2017.Q3_170728_(TI).ftr size 23k Albaniafbl.stm size 16k the igo Albania_HERE_2017.Q3_170728_(DA).fda size 18k obviously its the same for all countries but do you see where I'm going with this ? Keep all the install files but just change the map, buildings, speedcams and phoneme,
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    And here is an interesting video about changing the unit (though it's Qashqai :-) )
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    Prep for selling the KJ

    I don't think a dealer would be remotely interested in any bits you have added. They may even lower the trade-in price, particularly if they are not genuine Renault accessories.
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    What Oil?

    It's such a simple sing that can have devastating results if the engine blows and Renault can show the oil spec is wrong. Stick with what they supplied until the warranty runs out at least. I went for this, given free postage it ain't bad http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Elf-Evolution-Full-Tech-FE-5W-30-Synthetic-Technology-Engine-Oil-5-Litre-/151562211630?hash=item2349cfd12e
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    Official Renault Kadjar PDF's

    Various fitting guides for the Kadjar. EasyFlex container fitting instructions for Kadjar .pdf Door sill Kadjar.pdf Boot container fitting instructions for Kadjar .pdf User Manual Alarm Kadjar.pdf User manual - Autofolding mirrors KADJAR.pdf Rear mudguard.pdf Trunk net floor fitting instructions for Kadjar .pdf Mounting Notice Rear Park assist - KADJAR .pdf Enlightened door sill Kadjar .pdf Fitting instruction for 7 ways swan neck tow bar harness .pdf Fitting instructions for Kadjar retractable tow-bar .pdf Fitting instructions for Kadjar swan-neck tow-bar .pdf Fitting Instructions Trunk net (vertical) for Kadjar .pdf fitting manual for RHD alarm KADJAR .pdf Front mudguard.pdf Kadjar Auto Folding Mirrors.pdf Kadjar Crossbar.pdf Kadjar illuminated side bars.pdf Kadjar illuminated Sill Plates.pdf kadjar Reversing Camera.pdf Kadjar Tow Bar.pdf Load Carrier.pdf Mounting manual - Shark Fin Antenna - KADJAR .pdf Mounting manual Front Parking Aids KADJAR.pdf Mounting notice - Auto-folding mirror harness KADJAR.pdf Mounting notice Dog grid KADJAR .pdf Mounting Notice Harness Towbar 13p Retractable - Kadjar .pdf Mounting notice Harness towbar 13p Swan neck - Kadjar .pdf
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    Cement dust [emoji30]

    They could have slung a tarpaulin over your car though
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    Kadjar Car Park Rule

    It's called the sheep instinct some people fell safer when they are in a flock. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
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    Would I buy another ?????

    Funnily enough someone stopped me today in supermarket carpark asking me what I thought of it as they were considering buying one.. My answer was .. Would I buy another ? No. [emoji19]too many build quality issues rlink problems; poor user manual which shows the cost savings Renault have made eg auto mirrors!!! Which are not auto folding in the uk! Sorry Renault but you really have let yourself down on this car. As it's based on the QQ you would think a lot of the build issues would be resolved .. Apparently not you only have to look on the forum to realise this. My advice to the lady who asked .. Stick with Kia Mazda or vw/Audi/ seat and I doubt you will have the niggling faults we have had[emoji45] Ps my niece called me today to pick her up as her twingo cut out ie died electrically on motorway exit roundabout .. Lucky not to have a bad accident . This after the car was with Renault for over 2 months trying to find ECU faults that affected the whole car. It's going back tomorrow and she is rejecting it and doesn't want a replacement or another Renault . Not good RUk ! This will be my last Renault as well . It's such a shame that poor design and product components probably in cost saving exercise is leading to poor quality cars! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    R Link 2 set up

    That's why I put it there ,Alan . I could say I was pulling my hair out but time had already done that On a serious note ,though , Renault really need to work on their manuals .Everything I wrote should be there . The R Link 2 is excellent though , Voice activation works fine ,very useful .