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  2. Fuse for rear 12v socket

    Ah, that is interesting... I might have to re check it then
  3. Fuse for rear 12v socket

    I've been corrected on this before. The rear socket is only live for a minute or two, not always. WHY? The rest, don't know.
  4. Apologies if this appears twice but the forum seems to be doing weird things with my user profile... The rear 12v accessory socket, the always live one on the back of the centre console, has stopped working Can anyone tell me where the relevant fuse is please? thanks Gary
  5. I know this is years old but as the OP has replied I'd just like to add this. I have had previous issues with Renault hatchbacks, the Megane estate to be specific. The wires in the rubber boot have to flex back and forth every time you open the boot. On mine a wire for the hatch central locking broke and allowed water in which corroded the wire, I managed within the 75mm of wire I could expose to solder in a replacement section. But to the point, the fault was easily found by myself, I later found it was a known if not common fault with certain Renault models. My Kadjar is on lease but our Clio is ours, I have eased out that boot and applied silicone grease, not sealant, to all the wires to ensure they can flex and not tighten up on themselves. The same grease, totally inert, can be applied to the boot at each end and aids refitting and also allows a better but removeable seal. I'd do that to the Kadjar if it was a long term buy.
  6. What did thay say will do?
  7. It's a known issue, mine is in for a warranty repair next month for this issue.
  8. france

    That'll be us in August, back to South Brittany... our second home!
  9. Yesterday
  10. Speedometer style resetting after few days

    The part has finally arrived. Going in next Monday as the guy is away who will be fitting it! After the hoo-haa I've had with this part, I'm still doubtful it will fix the initial problem of the styles being reset.
  11. Good news.... and bad. The part is apparently now in but.... wait for it, they can't fit it until May 15th. So a brand new car has a fault on day 1, they take over two months to identify the fault and to obtain a replacement part and then, despite me being on a so-call priority list, they need another month before they can fit it. ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED WITH THEM
  12. fuse box

    There are also fuse boxes located in the vertical sides of the dashboard where they meet the passanger and driver doors. ( Also on LHS dash above glove box facing rear of car is a panel behind which is the OBD socket)
  13. Are we all talking about the EDC auto version of the 1.2 TCE here? Agree with 30 mpg round London and 38mpg on a 60-70mph road. I have a plug and play tuning box to try once the car has had its towbar fitted. It is the one here After more torque for towing. Will see how mpg goes. Quick test run was noticeable improvement pulling uphill.Says 160 BHP ( stock 130BHP) 252Nm (stock 205Nm)
  14. france

    I was looking for a spotted Kadjar in the pics, oh well
  15. Qashqai wheels fitted

    Careful. To be honest I thought when I read this that it must have been personal. Vandals don't carry lump hammers . They used to use Nitromors until it was banned by EU, might have been cheaper to fix that in your case. Best left "off air" incase it develops.
  16. Qashqai wheels fitted

    they used a hammer of some sort and battered the rims also scratched both sides of the car and smashed the passenger window then the alarm went off this was about 4.25 am police seem to think is was a targeted attack and for the life of me i cannot think who would have done it. got a few feelers out so hopefully time will tell somebody could be going for a swim with concrete boots on????
  17. Sorry, it's a bit vague. Can't hear anything on mine, 1.5dci. If you mean when switching the car off then yes, there are a few noises like servo motors returning to zero, that's normal.
  18. Qashqai wheels fitted

    Correct, get some sensors and as above they are available cheaper. Like what you say about comfort, most are prepared to lose out on that for the sake of fashion and won't even admit the difference. Having tried both I know you are right. What did they do to the wheels??. Just seems strange, it's would be far easier to damage paintwork and body work and cause more expense at the same time. Remind me not to park up round your way.
  19. Problem with led headlights is that they are simply too efficient, ie, they don't waste much energy as heat so very slow to heat the air inside the headlight which evaporates the fogging with normal types. I don't have leds, mine are standard but a better solution for top spec cars was used on the sister Qashqai, they were HID discharge or similar, very clear focused light that reflects signs up brilliantly, blue signs shine out like neons. No doubt they have gone to LED now, because they are simply cheaper
  20. Last week
  21. Best way I can describe it is like a hydraulic press.
  22. fuse box

    Yes been in there that's where instructions says it is , but no 30a fuse and none listed as caravan . looked in glove box fuse box, drivers side air bag switch.. lots of fuses but only to marked up ... so a bit stumped.. may have a look a Nissan ..
  23. Check the price for the pressure sensors again. I bought a second set in september from our local dealer. All of them together (4) costed 35 euro or something like that.
  24. fuse box

    Fuse box is on the n/s under the air intake duct
  25. I have had some help in locating the fuse box locations, but still cannot find the fuse I need the elusive caravan fuse 30a... in the fitting instructions it shows its under the bonnet ,but not on mine April 2016... reg. anybody got any ideas ....
  26. Qashqai wheels fitted

    I don't think a TPM emulator would be legal in the UK , instant MOT failure
  27. No more Xenophobic posts please

    I fully agree. Hopefully there is still a sense of humour and free speech on the forum even if "Xenial" can't be downloaded on R-Link or perhaps sometimes to the Forum.
  28. Headlight condensation brand new car!

    I dont mind the condensation as it does dry up, it’s the staining it leaves after doing it for almost two years! Surly Renault can installed sealed units that don’t mist up. My previous car had similar headlights and I had no issues whatsoever.
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