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  3. R Link

    thanks, that worked
  4. R Link

    Keep your finger on the button for 10 plus seconds.its a brilliant car apart from odd problems here and there with the r link
  5. R Link

    the r link system has gone dead after pressing the on-off button for 15 - 20 seconds. help
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  7. Alignment and balance

    God I thought it was just me! Having exactly the same issue, new front tyres fitted and not been the same since. I’ve had them rebalanced which felt great at first but now it’s back to same wobble at high speeds and slightly off centre steering wheel. It is going in for a full service in a few weeks and will ask them to look at it.
  8. I just read it, and it stopped.
  9. How do i clear it it keeps poping up?
  10. Alignment and balance

    Hi this might sound stupid tyres have an inner and outer marking on them just look and make sure they say they are both saying the same.i was a tyre fitter for 16 years with Michelin in the 80-90s.
  11. Alignment and balance

    I'm in exactly the same position. If I hold my steering wheel straight it pulls to the right and in order to keep the car straight the steering points slightly to the left. It's been in and out of garages using laser equipment (which I'm told is the best on the market) to try and rectify the issue. Unfortunately, no-one can resolve it so I've taken my issue to the motor ombudsman in the hope that they can get someone to look at it. 1.5 DCI SIGNITURE NAV 2016
  12. Thanks for the replies. Shame it wasn't a real update? But at least I've already got the latest version. Cheers.
  13. I got the same message - with the same result!
  14. I got in my 2016 Kadjar for the first time in 2 weeks this morning, and received two messages saying, there's an update for the R-Link 2, which will improve traffic information and new maps. I've never seen that before on the R-Link, so thought "great, it must be something big". When I logged into the R Link Store on my laptop, I was disappointed to find there were no updates available. Has anyone else received these messages on their R-Link 2, and was there an update ? My current versions are: Navigation : MM2014 Feb 13 2017 Base content : 2014_12 Extra content : 2015_06, 2017_06, 2016_12

    Hi i have a kadjar from Renault Leicester too which so far is brilliant.my partner has a Clio from there too she had to replace the brakes and disks on the front of her car in June for the mot at 28000 they said 80% worn this seems to be the norm they don’t last more than 30k now we were told.is this true or is it a quick buck for the garage.brakes and disks don’t come under warranty we were told.
  16. CAR BEEN IN FOR REPAIRS TODAY AT Renault Leicester, theyve emailed me a video of the health check they have done, comments are: Rear discs pitted corroded cars done 30000 miles is this a warrenty issue? to change the rear pads /discs how do I wind in the pistons with the electric handbrake. Front tyres slight cracks in the tread, cause,a problem?. Thanks
  17. engine cover

    thanks darenh puts my mind at rest.
  18. engine cover

    As far as I can remember only the 1.5dci had the black cover on. The rest didn’t
  19. engine cover

    hi its a diesil.
  20. engine cover

    Petrol or diesel
  21. hi i have just purchased a 66 year auto signature Renault Kadjar,could any one tell me if the engine cover is the same as the one on a s nav of the same year. thanks
  22. new tyres now fitted at 17k miles, fronts were down to wear indicators , rears a bit left but not much , so went for 4 off 225 x 45 x19  GT radial sportsactive from Arnold Clark (bought car there) not the cheapest supplier but free puncture repairs was tempting enough -though i hope not needed. I will say however they (arnolds) efed me about over delivery and it took another week to get sorted out . They advertise as tyre sales as a part of their company but turned round and blamed their partner /supplier then customer care said no way of registering a complaint lol how to keep your scores up on that front.

  23. I took my car (2016 Kadjar 1.6 dci dynamique S Nav 4WD) for a service at Renault Cardiff last week, and was told that the rear brake pads are down to 8mm and 5mm. The car is only 2 years old, with 14500 miles. I don't understand how the rear pads can wear this badly in 2 years, as I would have expected the front pads to wear quicker (10mm each). I been in touch with Renault Customer Relations, who have contacted the garage, and told me that the brakes are fine and don't need to be replaced yet (even though they gave me a price for replacement, £133), and they just need to be checked again in November (which the garage didn't tell me). I did have my car serviced at the same dealer last year, and the brakes were fine. Since that last service, I've only done 3,500 miles. Surely the rear pads shouldn't wear quicker than the front, and if they are the pads are either substandard, or there's an issue with the system. Has anyone else had problems with rear pads ? And what did you do about it ?
  24. This is whats happening

  25. This is whats happening

    not to worry i have registered you on the new site
  26. This is whats happening

    Same here no email
  27. This is whats happening

    check your spam folder if not there re request it
  28. This is whats happening

    Tried to join the new forum Renaultkadjarforum.com . after 3 days still waiting for a e.mail to activate my account
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