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  1. Last week
  2. I took my car (2016 Kadjar 1.6 dci dynamique S Nav 4WD) for a service at Renault Cardiff last week, and was told that the rear brake pads are down to 8mm and 5mm. The car is only 2 years old, with 14500 miles. I don't understand how the rear pads can wear this badly in 2 years, as I would have expected the front pads to wear quicker (10mm each). I been in touch with Renault Customer Relations, who have contacted the garage, and told me that the brakes are fine and don't need to be replaced yet (even though they gave me a price for replacement, £133), and they just need to be checked again in November (which the garage didn't tell me). I did have my car serviced at the same dealer last year, and the brakes were fine. Since that last service, I've only done 3,500 miles. Surely the rear pads shouldn't wear quicker than the front, and if they are the pads are either substandard, or there's an issue with the system. Has anyone else had problems with rear pads ? And what did you do about it ?
  3. I see this a lot on My Renault Kadjar from jan 2017' even though I've updated to latest map and firmware
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  7. I promised to provide feedback on an issue I first commented on back in early 2017 just after I had bought my Renault Kadjar 1.2Tce Dynamique S Nav Edc Petrol Hatchback. Like many owners at the time reporting on this forum I was constantly seeing the error message 'No map coverage for this location'. Although it did not actually change the data shown on the maps [see attached screen picture] it was an annoying issue. I pursued it through Technical Customer Services and Connected Services Technicians over about 6 monhs. After extensive testing between my dealership and Connected Services experts, the reason for the error messages was found. Signals from the parking sensors were interfering with the GPS signal at various times as they were colocated in the same wiring loom. After a long wait for the specially made wiring the outcome was a wiring upgrade to seperate the troublesome circuits. The issue has now gone away as along as the car is on a public highway recognised by the GPS and related map data. To my way of thinking this is a design fault which could exist on many early version models. It has possibly been corrected in later models but mine is a mid 2016 model.
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    hi turboted i can see you tried to register on the other site, your activation email should be in your spam folder , but dont worry about that i have approved your registration to any other member having problems creating an account , firstly look in your spam folder for the email any other problems contact me directly shedder101@renaultkadjarforum.com Shedder
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    Tried to join the new forum Renaultkadjarforum.com . after 3 days still waiting for a e.mail to activate my account
  11. Hi Starshipuk, I too have a 65 Kadjar with built in alarm that would sound off for no reason. Renault Swansea fitted a new tilt mechanism to prevent the false alarm problem. It worked for some time about 6 months then started to alarm once more. I noticed that whilst operating the front electric windows that my palm would activate the rear windows without realising that they had openend. At some point after leaving the car parked up the alarm would sound. I have since fitted a window module that closes the windows upon locking the car , This was about a year ago and the alarm has not false alarmed since. The only time that the alarm has sounded is when my dashcam fell off the screen and the movement was pick up by the sensors sounding the alarm. The window module is mensioned within the forum . Regards, Haydn.
  12. Earlier
  13. I need a picture with interior mirror bracket . Please if you have one post it here.
  14. I have a 65 Kadjar Signature with built in alarm. Almost every morning around the same time (between 9:00 and 9:30) the alarm is going off in my Kadjar on the driverway just outside the house for no reason at all. At first I thought it was my neighbours pussy, but I have rushed out when its going off and found nothing near it that I could see that would trigger it. Its just really odd it seems to go off around the same time and only in the mornings like something is triggering it like heat or sunlight. Its just gone off three times this morning. Normally its once or twice then does not go off again. Some mornings though it does not go off at all. The neighbours are starting to get pissed about it. Has anyone else had this problem or know of a solution?
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    one week in and the vote was pitiful, its as if no one was bothered, well thats ok it was still democratic. I have now resigned as your moderator and taken the position of admin on the new site effective immediately . i am moving to https://renaultkadjarforum.com/ and i recommend you do the same. the core membership on this site are the best i have known on any forum, they are helpful and tolerant and i would welcome you to the new site to continue to give your advice, whether you own a Kadjar or not. I want to thank you for your understanding over the least few months i might not have answered as quickly as i would have liked but i have done my best, working with one hand behind my back. so they say one door closes and another opens, well lets all open the door on the new site and i await to welcome you there. Shedder 101
  18. Oil change due next service

    Hi Maybe if you are intending to keep and run for 200,000 miles but you sell at 100,000 next owner will benefit from you perhaps ??? That’s my thought 🤔 JC 😎😎🥃🥃
  19. Oil change due next service

    I have never paid for that all these 30 quids add up for things you don’t need
  20. The Auto? I have is not an auto but a semi automatic which in effect is a manual gearbox with an automatic clutch. ( an entirely different beast which I was not aware of when I bought the car ). Fully auto gearboxes do not have this problem. If I am facing downhill and select reverse on pressing the accelerator the auto brake immediately releases before the clutch engages. ( in effect putting it in neutral) at which point the car rolls downhill until enough revs are applied at which point the clutch engages and the car lurches backwards. If I then take my foot off the accelerator the car rolls forward again. The same appies when using the footbrake ( hill hold). My argument with Renault UK is that the car was advertised as an auto gearbox and because I live in a particularly hilly area it is not fit for purpose.
  21. MyRenault

    Has anyone got this to work properly. Mine has Mileage all wrong can't change it because the mileage it thinks is right is higher than the actual miles so it wont allow you to change it. The desktop has a totally different mileage to the app and the positioning app doesn't work either. Help line is useless. Come on Renault, things should work as they are supposed to!!!
  22. MyRenault

    Has anyone got this to work properly. Mine has Mileage all wrong can't change it because the mileage it thinks is right is higher than the actual miles so it wont allow you to change it. The desktop has a totally different mileage to the app and the positioning app doesn't work either. Help line is useless. Come on Renault, things should work as they are supposed to!!!
  23. Towbar Electrics

    I have genuine Renault retractable tow bar with 13 PIN connection and genuine wire loom with connection module... my Thule bike carrier has 7 PIN connection so I do connection trough adapter. Renault botique offers almost same adapter as main for price of 30€ while I bought it for a half of price in general autoparts store. I will check out on Thule web site for replacement wireing on 13PIN connector.
  24. Reverse light

    Does any one know which of the 3 wires that go to the reverse light is the live one thank you Danny
  25. Towbar Electrics

    The genuine 13 pin from Renault is around £75 which is less than half the price of some on the net. It’s just plug and play. You do need to have the dealer to reset the clip, or you will have to turn of rear alarms using the. r-link If you need to use a 7 pin set up you can buy the adapter lead
  26. Hi, my 1.5 auto is going on for a service later this month, it’s part of the pre paid service package. When booking I’ve been asked if I’d like the engine cleaning out for an additional £29.99... is this required/worth it? The car has only done 14000 miles.
  27. I have the auto and don’t have any issues with reversing lag, the only problem I seem to get is an occasional grating noise when it changes from 1st to 2nd gear...
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