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  2. How do you use start stop feature?

    You'll have to ask my Latin teacher that , unless I'm mistaken and it was the Aenid , it was a very long time ago . Greek would have been more useful to me , seeing as I love the place and people ....Yamas
  3. New Member

    Hi there. Hope you're enjoying your new car. We've had ours only a couple of months and I did see a few YouTube videos about the car set in South Africa. Happy motoring.
  4. 1 more Kadjar on the road in Brittany

    Bonsoir from the Dordogne. Glad you're enjoying your new car. Three weeks after getting ours we unwittingly entered the underground car park from hell in a town in Charente. Tight wasn't the word, mainly on the ramps. Anyhow, that was the first and only time I used the self park. It's great.
  5. Renault Kadjar boot space

    I used to transport Labradors around. I'd say that the Kadjar is a bit tight for two good sized dogs. I personally avoided SUVs and had a variety of estate cars. They aren't as high up and it's easier for dogs to get in and out, especially when they get older. My last estate was the last generation Mondeo which was a great load carrier. The current one is down on boot capacity.
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  7. Crome grill

    You are all deluded, this chrome is absolutely awful
  8. Athena wheels.

    Hi, can anyone help with info regarding 17 inch wheel replacements. My car has the 19inch Apollo wheels and I would like to fit the Athena wheels. Question is where I can get them and do they come with tpms. Would the sensors need to be calibrated or just reset as usual through the normal settings. Any help including costs appreciated.
  9. How do you use start stop feature?

    Just one question - why Iliad in Latin, when it's greek ?! 🤤
  10. How do you use start stop feature?

    Same here all those lessons reading The Iliad in Latin ...who would know it would be so useless
  11. Scuff/grazed kadjar alloy

    Hi Shiv, presumably you got your allow repaired in the end? I’ve just done the exact same :-( So wondered how much it cost for the repair and if they got it back to normal. Thanks
  12. How do you use start stop feature?

    I knew my days a Grammar School in the 1960's would pay off.
  13. My new car

    Hi Welcome to the forum looks 👀 very nice, garage tooooooooo enjoy 😀 JC 😎😎🥃🥃
  14. My new car

    2017 Kadjar 1.2Tce, new 16Inc weels.
  15. New Member

    Hi from South Africa
  16. On the tailgate or on the tailgate opening there are adjustment rubber bumpers, one on either side, it’s a case of adjusting up and down both sides to get the tailgate to sit right, this in conjunction with the latch adjustment some it isn’t over tightening to strain. It’s a bit like firing any panel again, alignment etc. The dash switch illumination is controlled if the vehicle can, I suppose they have done it like this to prevent distraction although it wouldn’t in this case it may do on other vehicles as it’s a generic control ecu. Two options for your power, 1 run back to the power pickup in the footwell. 2 splice into the power line in the rear, the one you have run in. of course don’t forget to use an inline fuse in either case at the source and fuse appropriately to protect the cable. A lot of accessories come with fuses/ holders but are inappropriately sited.
  17. Kadjar 4WD owners

    Too true. Too many people buy a 4wd and think it will get them out of trouble and get them anywhere. I have seen too many new 4wd drivers being extracted from stupid situations by farmers in tractors. You need to apply the same respect as you would for a normal 2wd vehicle. That way you should be able to stay out of trouble.
  18. Fuel economy

    It's the only way to find out, some say slightly better. I find maybe 1mpg which considering we are talking 50mpg averages is very small. Some say no better at all. One thing everyone agrees on is that it dumbs down the cars performance disproportionately to the fuel saving, it take the fun out of it.
  19. Kadjar 4WD owners

    Always fancied the old Koleos, just that when I got round to it they had stopped making them, . Guess I am thinking old school, Freelanders needing new transfer boxes etc every 40K guaranteed. I'm just too tight and don't need to drive in snow so I don't think I will ever get a 4 x 4, . There is one aspect of 4 wheel drive vehicles that does worry me slightly, I see too many in ditches, (well I used to do), during icy weather. Yes they give better traction on the flat and uphill but under braking have no real advantage over 2WD. I'm thinking mainly audi Q3, Q5 and say BMW X3, X5 drivers who are under the impression that the vehicle they have bought is invincible in bad weather and they can drive like they do on a summers day. Apologies for being sexist but it also seems to be female drivers that come a cropper like this, often on the school run. The car still has to be driven carefully in adverse conditions 4wd or not.
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  21. Fuel economy

    1.6 dci - today we made 600 km in extreme traffic and traffic jams in the austrian and italian Alps (Villach-Kitzbuhel-Insbruck-Bruneck-Villach). No ECO mode, 4 people in car (275-300 kg approximately). Final readings - 56.5 mpg (5.0 l/100km). Best reading so far for such conditions (including 30-40 km urban). About 60-70 km with a start-stop traffic and speed of maximum 10 km/h.
  22. Kadjar 4WD owners

    Hi How long is long term we had a koleos New in2009 did just under 100,000 miles in 4x4 no problems but remember 4x4 is not permanently engaged only comes in when front wheels rotate faster than rear that is in auto , in lock it is what it says 4x4 50% front 50% rear but above about 20 mph it unlocks and returns to auto mode 😀 JC😎😎🥃🥃
  23. Kadjar 4WD owners

    Kadjar is my second 4wd car. I will always buy 4wd cars. On winter motorway the car is stable like a tank. Today on snowy street, rear axle was driven up to 35% during normal city driving. No extreme conditions are needed to make 4wd useful.
  24. Anti- Slip Facility

    Thats is a part number for the bulb for the ESP display
  25. Anti- Slip Facility

    I've done some research and found out the part number for the anti-slip switch is 251455325R. But can't find it anywhere online.
  26. Fuel economy

    Don't know what is happening on those posts lol Must be doing something wrong as reposted turboted10's post lol and then reposted my own
  27. Fuel economy

    I switched the eco off because of the acceleration on take off still stalls a bit with it off but maybe me getting used to car after driving 1.6 golf . Might try turning it on again to see if any better although don't be on the motorways a lot just half decent roads lol
  28. Fuel economy

    I switched the eco off because of the acceleration on take off still stalls a bit with it off but maybe me getting used to car after driving 1.6 golf . Might try turning it on again to see if any better
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