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  2. Help please the top up oil as supplied has leaked all over the spare wheel carpet cover how do i dry out the oil, as the carpet is soaked. Thanks
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  4. Heated seat project

    I posted pictures and know-how on the "other" forum.
  5. Auto-folding mirrors are TRUE!

    Why does this kit not open when the door is opened? This is a problem, sometimes when you turn on the car, the right mirror stops!
  6. Hi, my car went in for a engine management update before Christmas, it is a 2016 1.6 desiel. I used to get about 55 per gallon on the car computer and about 49 per gallon when checking on a full fill up. I appreciate both are not totally accurate, but I do fairly regular journeys and one long journey a couple of times a month. Since having the engine management update I am losing between 7 and 10 mpg on both systems of checking ( Car Computer and manual calculation from fill up to fill up). Has anyone else noticed this, only it is quite a significant reduction. Or is the update to correct manufacturers inflated claims of fuel economy.
  7. I have had the same problem, the red warning light flashes and it says stop start activated, and it is only on for about one second. It is very intermittent. sometimes it will happen a couple times a journey other times it may not happen for a few weeks. I told them when it went in for an engine management update and they said it was caused by the battery not being fully charged. Felt I was being fobbed off, so anyone know if this is right, or are they just avoiding doing a warranty job.
  8. Kadjar 1.5 dci

    Having now owned my kadjar 1.5 dci s nav a year I thought I would do a review.i bought the car used from Renault retail in Leicester who I have to say we’re excellent in every way.i have found the car a dream to drive I get over 60 mpg on motorways sticking at 70 and around 58 mpg urban use.i have had a couple of issues in the beginning with the radio not switching off but after doing a hard reset it’s been fine.The 19” alloys can make the car a bit bouncy here and there too.would I buy another no because I’m keeping this one.the car is going in on Saturday for a service so hopefully it won’t need to much doing to it.Im pleased I bought the artic white one.
  9. Sorry if this is a repost (I looked but couldn't see anything)...I have a 2017 Kadjar Auto (EDC) with 36k on it and the gear release button thingy or whatever its called fell off around 3K ago I put it back on, then around 1k ago whilst in a remote farm yard (I do around 20k a year traveling around rural Wales) the bloody thing broke completely off and left me stranded until I figured out how to move it from park without the button. I live over an hour to the nearest dealer (Hereford/Shrewsbury/Aberystwyth) so I haven't been to them yet as I'm waiting for the next service which the car tells me is in 28 days :-) , but I did call them and they said that they have never heard of such a thing happening and as such it is unlikely that the warranty will cover it as it will be classed as 'wear and tear' - surely Renault expect a plastic button to at least last the warranty period? Has anyone else had the same issue?
  10. Heated seat project

    I found these which are factory cut through the middle, do you think they'll fit? https://www.amazon.com/Dorman-628-040-Universal-Seat-Heater/dp/B002U6IL9O
  11. Courtesy Lights

    Hi I have just bout an 2018 signature navy kadjar and I thought these had footwell lighting but can't see them nor a option to turn on anyone know if they do have this Function?
  12. Heated seat project

    Hi guys, So having my ass freezing again this winter I'm more than willing to try and fit heating pads myself - never done it before, but hey, how hard can it be? Currently at the stage of selecting the proper pads to purchase as the ones @darenh has are over my budget. Once I get to the point of actual install I'll make sure to take some photos and add here for others that are willing to do it.
  13. Hi everyone bit of advice needed I currently have a 2016 Kadjar but I am looking to trade in for an 2018 signature nav Kadjar does anyone know what happens regarding r-link2 system currently on my usb drive?does it need to be wiped clean before putting into new car to make an imprint on the usb so pc recognises it or do I need to re-register again as I already have an r-link store set up on pc with toolbox not sure what to do I have removed my old car from r-link store on pc but will I need to delete any r-link data currently on usb drive?Oh does anyone know how long from 1st registered you get map updates and live traffic etc? many thanks in advance,mine was a year but read somewhere you now get 3 years ??
  14. Hi. In my Kadjar the problem has now been present 3 times: Initially it was solved by lubricating the shock absorber top mount bearing. 2nd time the dealer told me that it was related to bad shock absorber top mount bearing and they replaced under warranty in December 2017. Now in January 2019 the noise is back again. Dealer will lubricate the mount bearing without cost for me. Let's hope this helps - again.....however I do not expect this to be a permanent solution. Seems to be a weak spot in the Kadjar.
  15. Fuses scheme

    Same problem here: my left low beam light does not work, changed the bulb but - surprise, surprise, it was not the bulb. So I searched all 4 fuse compartments but - surprise, surprise, to no success. So where is the $%&%&//) fuse for the head lamps?
  16. How do i update maps?

    Is it possible when maps are downloaded to usb drive from rlinkstore to change the archive for new updated ones. im starting to dabble in this but am i wasting my time. Has anyone tried this?
  17. Hi Guys Last few days any time i make a hard or tight left turn the open door sign flashes up on the centre console by the speedo, Says its the drivers door. and the two lights on the roof come on. like a door is open, i have checked all the doors and there fine and closing properly. Anyone any ideas what might be causing it. car is due a service next month so dont want to bring it in before then. Thanks
  18. milage

    Hi Not really happens at random times maybe one day then ok for week or so then two to three days in a row
  19. milage

    Hi, how is air temperature outside? My rlink has reset too when temp is low (- 5 - 10) Celsius. Service haven't answer on this moment.
  20. milage

    Hi when I switch of car over night the milage trip resets itself as does the indicator volume any ideas Keithy
  21. I have been attmpting to update the maps via the R-Link 2 site,it always stopped downloading the maps to my flashdrive. I sent a message to Renault who arranged for someone from easyconnect to phone me,which he did. His advice was " if you have a wireless connection and the internet"drops" the download will fail,so connect your computer to your router with an ethernet cable" So following the easyconnect persons advice I connected to my router with an ethernet cable and actually managed to download 97% of the map update only for the download to fail........................................................again!!!!!!. I restarted the download and was gobsmacked to see that the download had dropped to 43%,the download continued...........................then stopped again,restarting it and the donload had dropped to 27%. I used online chat & told Renault about the problems & that their R-Link 2 needs scrapping or redesigning and how badly Renault are letting their customers down. When my maps on the satnav become unusable I will be using Google maps. Thanks for nothing Renault.
  22. R-Link 2 Map updates

    Like many others,I could not download the map updates,beyond a certain percentage. I sent Renault a message informing them that I,along with many others,could not update the maps. Renault phoned me today(03/01/19 and arranged for someone from Easyconnect to phone me and discuss the problem & talk me through a way to download & update the maps. Only putting this on here in case anybody else could make use of this.
  23. Polish's, Wax's, Whats your choice ?

    I have found the Demon range to be good. I use Demon clean for the interior,does a decent job of it & leaves a nice,subtle citrus fragrance,Demon snow foam shampoo,Demon wheel & tyres cleaner,Demon shine and demon shot either added to the washer bottle or diluted and used as the only screen cleaner. Saying that I do use Meguiars ultimate paste wax every 3 months,along with Rainx on the windscreen side windows & headlights.
  24. Like many of you, I have a 67 plate Kadjar Bose. The R-Link2 display notified me that there was an update,along with a map update, and I tried(being the operative word) to do the updates,only for the downloads to fail. My car went in for service today & the salesman told me that there were a lot of problems with the system & not even the garage could install the updates. So I brought 2 new 32GB flashdrives(I needed them anyway)I actually managed to download 90% of the map update before it failed......................again. Me being as stubborn as I am, I am going to keep trying,but am not holding my breath. I wonder if I can use Google Maps,or some other navigation app,on the system,via my phone.
  25. Repeated post in error
  26. Like many of you, I have a 67 plate Kadjar Bose. The R-Link2 display notified me that there was an update,along with a map update, and I tried(being the operative word) to do the updates,only for the downloads to fail. Is it possible to use an alternative navigation app,via my phone,on the R-Link 2 system?
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