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  2. Good bye Kadjar!

    Isn't the Ateca somewhat cheaper too ?
  3. Changing the Kadjar for a Seat Ateca Mainly to get a better Tow Vehicle - I do love the Kadjar and was offered a new Koleos on a good deal but when I looked at it its got the same things missing on it as the Kadjar such as no illuminated door switches only one auto window etc and the other big negative is it to has the Rlink !
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  6. New member

    Hi Yes it is for pollution coming in from outside suspect if you go to rural area it will show ok . Now as to smell may be clutch or brakes , has to be said most clutch issues are down to driver, now that said if you have had difficult hill start and slipped clutch for a while to get moving you may get a bad smell from clutch and it can linger for a while if clutch is working ok and not slipping you may well be ok and I personally would not let Renault pull it in bits and chance paying for it unless they are definitely calling it warranty work πŸ€” JC 😎πŸ₯ƒ
  7. New member

    Just joined always had diesels this is my first Renault after the previous 4 cars being the Citroen grand c4 the Kadjar was a complete change for me. I use the car to shuttle for school runs and have done just over a 1000 miles but Monday my husband noticed a smell either brakes or clutch coming from the car we took to Renault and have it booked in for a check in the new year and told nothing to worry about. But we have never had this before should I be worried the smell has lingered for the past 4 days and even when the bonnet and windows have been left open the smell still remains. We also noted that there is a symbol of clean air which shows very polluted which Renault say is nothing to do with the car but the air outside is this true? We are getting concerned as Renault advises if there is a clutch issue and found to be owner related we will have to pay costs. The kadjar is manual 6 speed diesel. My husband has driven the car on the motorway on the weekend thinking this would help if there may have been a spot of soot build up but it’s still the same. Any response gratefully appreciated. Sandra
  8. How to start cruise control?

    It will also prevent the stop-start system working too.
  9. How do you use start stop feature?

    I rather think that stop start doesn't work as well in ECO mode.
  10. Gearbox oil

    I can't recollect having to change, or even think about gearbox oil, ever! Not unless you're thinking of going rallying in your Kadjar anytime soon.
  11. How do you use start stop feature?

    It actually leads into another issue I and I'm sure other Kadjar drivers have; Long before stop/start functions on modern cars I got in the habit of switching off the engine if say I got to a set of lights I knew and realised I had a good while ticking over before the lights changed. Always kept cars in good order so no issues re batteries etc. I now have to revert to the same method in the Kadjar as it simply never works regardless of battery charge. However this week I was caught out. Car started with fob in usual pocket but same 1 as phone, turned of at narrowly controlled junction. Pressed start to move of and the bugger couldn't find the key signal. Felt a proper prat as sat through a complete circuit of light changes as did 3 folks behind, while I dug the keys out of my pocket. I need to leave the fob "exposed" in future but the whole idea is that it works in a bag or pocket.
  12. Gearbox oil

    Is it ever changed? Check your service schedule.
  13. Steering wheel noise

    It has to be, not something that should have been serviced so no issue. Can't imagine any company not honouring a warranty claim with a diagnosed steering wheel fault.
  14. Look what trailer my Kadji tow...

    It's a nice looking car, I had 1961 Renault 4 that was for me a great car what with the push pull gearchange and sliding side windows, lol good ol days.
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  16. Steering wheel noise

    I also have noticed this scraping noise from steering from time to time, had no idea what it was, seems to intermittent, will mention to my dealer when it's in for a service in February , will this be covered under the 4yr warranty ?
  17. Steering wheel noise

    Have the same on ours. Dealer diagnosed worn suspension top mount (at less than 10,000 miles). Waiting part from France, due 1st week in Jan. Dealer claims that there is no safety issue.
  18. I have kadjar 1.2 petrol engine with automatic gearbox. when the gearbox oil must be change ?
  19. A noise from the steering wheel area has started.from lock to lock sounds like some thing is catching or scrapping,does it both stood still and when moving,any ideas?
  20. Look what trailer my Kadji tow...

    Yes, it's from 1961. They were built on the Dauphine Gordini chassis.
  21. Look what trailer my Kadji tow...

    Is that a renault floride ?
  22. 1.5 or 1.6

    Thanks , I am so tempted by the 1.6 signature
  23. How do you use start stop feature?

    Mine works very occasionally too. I have investigated possible reasons with ODB2 and Torque and it seems that main reason of failure is battery charging level. It have to be at least 80% full to start-stop working ("Bat Min chg." on the screenshot). Battery of my car usually is in range 69-75% ("Bat Charge"). Even after 2 hour highway driving!!! Only after charging with external charger start-stop works for couple of days and then stops again. I thought that it only problem of my car, but now reading posts in this thread it seems like it's the common problem with Kadjar. I don't know is it weak actuator, faulty voltage/current sensors or car's "brain" itself, but anyway - welcome to the club
  24. Hi Yes most of above is correct but ours works long before normal running temperature is achieved Now question was how do you use stop start with same turned on ( switch on dash right hand side ) when driving and you stop say at junction YOU THEN PUT FOOT ON BRAKE GEAR TO NEUTRAL AND FOOT OFF CLUTCH failing to do ALL the above engine will keep running I think , this is not a fault but just how it works πŸ€” hope this helps πŸ™ƒ JC. 😎 β˜•οΈ πŸ₯ƒ
  25. Hi, new member here <waves>

    Plenty of visits for petrol as many owners on here have reported, so you'll get used to it very quickly.
  26. How do you use start stop feature?

    Mine didn't work on the day I picked the car up, but has worked fine since. Sometimes it can take up to half an hour before it works, but I assume it is just down to the state of charge of the battery.
  27. How do you use start stop feature?

    Yes, too true. I have given up on mine as it never works, or only does on occasion. Even having the heater set a little too high will prevent it cutting in, or out in effect. I thought it was down to the diesel approaching it dpf regen cycle but no, even after a good thrashing for an hour when at the hottest it gets it will not shut down. It works once after about a miles run and then never again. Done this since new 15months ago. Not me as previous car,qashqai, was fine.
  28. 1.5 or 1.6

    Many will say no, there's little difference but not me. I was dithering as I had the qashqai, essentially the same car, with the 1.6dci previously. I went with the 1.5dci as I was fooled by the extra extravagant economy figures claimed by Renault. The difference is minimal in terms of fuel saving if it exists at all, the 1.6 is a very economical engine in it's own right. I really do miss the clout of the 1.6 compared to my present car, if I get another Kadjar and I may do, it will be the 1.6 not the 1.5. The only caveat is that the 1.5 is a much quieter and less raucous sounding engine, but I am comparing the qashqai to the Kadjar and the qashqai was noisy in all respects. Couldn't get a direct a-b comparison test drive at Renault.
  29. How to start cruise control?

    It is a bad thing so yes. So many things on modern cars rely on pedal "switches", clutch, brake and throttle. Resting the foot against the pedal is seen exactly the same as fully depressing it. Add to that the issue that JC pointed out, (must admit I thought everyone knew not to ride the clutch) and it's fully explained, top advice JC. just to add there is a footrest to the left of the clutch pedal to encourage drivers not to do as you have.
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