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  3. My Routes App

    what is the app supposed to do anyone know?
  4. Replacment old RLink2 with new RLINK2

    The DDT4ALL it is a free software, it is possible to found in internet or in the Facebook Megane Club group. With this software it is possible to come in to ECU registers with dedicated GUI and it is possible to change all parameter.
  5. And I thought Benny Hill was dead
  6. Itunes format

    It should read the audio files as they are ,if I remember correctly . There are many free audio encoder tools out there . Switch is pretty good
  7. I'm not sure if it was memories or mammaries!
  8. Itunes format

    Does anyone know how to convery music from my itunes account on a PC to a USB stick which is readable on a new Kadjar? Thanks in advance
  9. Itunes format

    Does anyone know how to convery music from my itunes account on a PC to a USB stick which is readable on a new Kadjar? Thanks in advance
  10. Aircon

    Bought a new RENAULT KADJAR 1.5 DCI DYNAMIQUE on the 29th Jan 2018, almost immediately it has an air con glitch, it doesn't work at all. Sent it back to dealer for repairs and now have to spend 3 days without my new baby. Not chuffed at all. :-(
  11. Athena wheels.

    Also they reset themselves after a short time so no costly dealer trip. Several people I think have tried to do a swap on here which would seem the most sensible option, don't recall how that went.
  12. New Member saying Hi...

    , That does remind me of a story I heard on QI a few back, same but different. Within the 1st 5 years of the standard fitting of airbags around 40 drivers had been killed as a direct result of the drivers airbag going off.......... whilst they were smoking a pipe As they say smoking can damage y............................, and "only in America"
  13. Last week
  14. Renault Kadjar boot space

    Several post have been deleted due to bad language. will members please report any further problems with this thread Shedder101 Mod
  15. New Member saying Hi...

    As you say turboted10, the aesthetics are down to personal taste. One mans meat and all that.... What I know about Kadjar wind noise is only that gleaned from the information posted by Forum members (not having driven the test drive vehicle at fast enough speeds to be able to make a judgement) but as I am a 'Vaper' and therefore will be having my window slightly open when I have a few puffs, I think I'll go with the deflectors, for the front at least. As Gwyn says, in inclement weather they will deflect the rain as well as the wind! Having said that, have you seen this article
  16. Renault Kadjar boot space

    As previously suggested the best option seems to be to put the back seating down, then you will have enough room for even two Great Danes. The only disadvantage is that the Kadjar will then only be able to carry two humans. However, the dogs will have two choices of how to get into the car... via the back doors or back hatch, far more than the human occupants ! I've heard that some dogs will even get in the glove box for a Bonio Good luck
  17. If it was only at 80% charge after a 120 mile drive , I would have thought the battery would be nearer 100%
  18. Athena wheels.

    I had a rough quote a few days ago of £250 per rim and £24 for TPMS valves, ouch. Tyres on top of that as well.
  19. New roads

    Sorry to hear your problem but it's just another example of Renault's R-Link ripp off in both update prices and quality! I only wish I could use the cars display to contect (via the USB input) a better SatNav. If anyone knows how to do this, please let us know.
  20. Thanks ulfire. I suggested that to them but they said that they had checked the battery and it was OK. They now want it in for a week but, because I need a courtesy car, they can't do that until the 19th March. I am disappointed to wait so long for them to fix a fault on a brand new car and told them so. l will post the outcome
  21. New roads

    Even 'latest' maps for Garmin for example, are at least 3 months old... It is more important that new update will be available soon, not next year...
  22. Athena wheels.

    No comment from me as I've never done it, though I was mulling it over . If it's the Athena wheels , I think you'll only get them from Renault or an accredited Renault parts outlet . Hate to think what they'd cost though
  23. Sounds similar to the battery problem I posted in this thread regarding my Scenic ( though the battery was only recharging to 70% ) . New battery all weird issues disappeared
  24. Replacment old RLink2 with new RLINK2

    Tell more about DDT4ALL...
  25. Try turning your Bluetooth off on your phone before opening the car, then turn it on once the car has started, i haven't ha d a problem since doing that Paul
  26. tuning box

    news for remapping. 3 offers 1. from 130 bhp to 145 bhp and from 20,5 Nm to 23,5 Nm cost 400 euros (dyno before and after the remapping) 2. from 130 bhp to 145 bhp and from 20,5 Nm to 23,5 Nm cost 350 euros (dyno before and after the remapping) He will take cars data and save them so if it happens something (never had any of this in the past) to put it again in the car so i will have no problem with waranty. 3. from 130 bhp to 160-165 bhp and from 20,5 Nm to 26,5 Nm cost 550 euros plus 70 euros for dyno . The remmaping is not traceble by renault's equipment he said to me. The two first said to me that it is better to do 2000 miles and after do the remapping. the third one said that is up to me If i want to wait to do the mileage or not.
  27. 1 more Kadjar on the road in Brittany

    Ahhh, the Renault Fuego or poor man's Porsche as they were known over here. I liked them but could I find one that wasn't rotting back in the day. Not really much comparison there, things have moved on immensely. I don't have self parking but my sil does in his Prius. I would think it very useful for anyone starting to have movement issues. I have tried his and it's fine but at 65 y.o I am just slightly quicker than the system, younger drivers tend to find it slow.
  28. Engine temperature gauge

    The other reason is that diesels are much more efficient and more of the energy is converted into power rather than heat energy
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